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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Thought I'd give a new thread a shot and see if anyone has any advice. Im currently in the middle of my second grow which consists of one Cotton Candy Hybrid clone running on 5 weeks now. She was cut from a pre flowering female and was rooted at the store before I bought it. No nutrients were given to it at the establishment and it was 3 weeks old when i picked it up.

    I previously successfuly grew from seed a male azure haze plant as a test run for nutrients and soil composition. The plant grew vigorously, never showed any signs of nute burn or any other deficiencies, and was quite robust before I cut it down.

    Unfortunately since feeding my new plant her first dose of nutrients, I have multiple side effects now visible with no signs of slowing.

    Set up:

    Soil: 1/3 per 2/3 Black gold organic
    Nutes: 6 part line of nectar of the gods
    - Demeter Destiny : .5% Phos 4.0% cal
    - Medusa Magic : 2.0% nit 5.0% phos 2.0% potash 3.0% cal 1.0% mag
    - Gaia Mania : 1.0% nit 5.0% phos 1.0% pot 1.0% cal + Humic acid/ Kelps
    - Athenas Aminas : .5% nit + proteins
    - herculean Harvest : 6.0% phos (Bone meal)
    - Zeus Juice : 7.0% humic acid .5% kelp ex
    - PLUS pH Up
    Lights: 2 x 42Watt CFL 6500K

    Feeding each time I water which is recommended for the line, I try to shoot for 1/4 to 1/2 dose early on to avoid burn. My new plant first off is showing signs of nute burn alone multiple fan leaf tips. Most affected leaves are near the top. Some of the older fan leaves that are attached just under the new growth nodes are exhibiting yellowing from the edges inward. These yellowing leaves also have nute burned tips and have retained their green veins so far. Odd part is the location of these leaves, that they are apart of what I would consider the top canopy. Even new growths have yellow tips but because they are small I cannot tell if they are burned or experiencing the same yellowing affect as the larger fan leaves. Besides the yellowing leaves, there are also extremely healthy looking dark leaves (although with a tad nute burn) showing zero signs of yellowing near the base. Its like an upside down nitrogen deficiency. Another curiousity is the tacoing of some of the healthier darker lower fan leaves near the base. Temps range in mid 70s and humidity sits daily at 45%. Healthy white roots are peaking out the bottom but im not worried about root bound as my last plant was much beefier and still growing. I also testing runoff after flushing and got about 6.3 - 6.5 which is exactly where it needs to be for this line to work most efficiently. Im considering mag def but I never had that problem with the same exact feeding scedual before. All of these things together and the new growth nodes forming after my last two tops are still growing exponentially daily and dont seem to me to be slowing. Im so lost as to what this could be, especially since to me Im seeing a nute burn and a deficiency simultaneously. If anyone has any tips, thoughts or help for a newbie just tryna keep his plant as healthy as possible, Id sure appreciate it.

    - F0url34f

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