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  1. Have some regular Afghan plants growing and now I’m trying to figure out if they’re male or females. Never done this before. Posted a pic below, is this a female? Are those the pre-flowers? Or am I way off?

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  2. Too early too tell
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    For me, it's too early to tell. Wait until you see hairs/little ovalate balls emerge. I'd say give it few more days. Don't worry, they wont suddenly bust out and pollinate everything. Plenty of time to determine/confirm sex. I just can't tell at this point.
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  4. Darn, Thanks for responding. These are about 4 weeks old, is there an age where you can start to tell? Or?
  5. Haha great news! I have a bunch of for sure females so I’ve been helicoptering them a little

    Thanks for the response!
  6. When you switch to flower.
  7. That’s not always true. Plants can show sex in the vegetative stage.
  8. When they’re old as hell. The vast majority of us growing indoor aren’t vegging plants long enough to show sex in veg.
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  9. It best to have one to two plants and have a lengthy veg for phenomenal growth.
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  10. How do you figure? You can get the same yield off more plants with a shorter veg.
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  11. One plant could easily fill up a grow space. One to two plants would be easier to maintain compared to 6-9 plants.
  12. Example... I can veg 6 clones for 3 weeks and max out every square inch of my 4x4. Would take 5 times longer to veg one plant to fill the same space just to get the same yield.

    Maintaining 6 plants in 5 gallon pots isn’t very much work.. and to get real technical about it... maintaining 6 plants for 84 days would be less work than one plant in a huge pot for 150+ days.

    Two grows in 170 days and producing twice the the weed or one grow in 150 days... it’s a no brainer. One big plant isn’t the optimal way to grow for yield or turn around.
  13. These are outdoor, does that make a difference? I though I read you could tell between 4-6 weeks?
  14. You'll know when they're ready, they'll show..patience my friend..
  15. Definitely not.
  16. I just had a regular seed get to about three weeks and 10" tall and started showing ballsacs. No flip no nothing...just BALLSACS. They can show whether you want them to or not, and they don't even have to be completely mature .
  17. Can we see a picture of this 3 week old plant in 18/6 with pollen sacs? What you’re saying just isn’t true.
  18. Lol .Ok Sammy. Umm. Just like anyone else who finds male plants ... I have destroyed it. Let me make up some more stories just to coo you... Come on bro .I'm in no mood for trolls.
  19. Oh. And it was on 24/0. Just for your info. Drink it in ...
  20. 18/6 or 24/0 is irrelevant. 100% you’re not getting male pre flowers 3 weeks into veg. The plant simply does not work that way.

    I believe you think what you saw was male pre flowers, but also believe you didn’t know what you were looking at.
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