HELP! Male/Female/or Hermi? Pics inside.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by puggy88, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Whats up Grasscity:) I am growing outdoors for the first time and would love some general help. I have two plants that look female, but I see what looks like "balls" in the bud. Are these plants male, female or hermi's? Trying to find out fairly quick so they dont ruin the rest of my killer crop:) First three pics are of plant 1 and the last two are of the second plant in question. I dont know the strain, but they are on 12/12 light cycle. Any help would be stellar!

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  2. My bet is that it is a male bro.:cool:
  3. Are both of them male? They do have the white hairs, but like I said, I think I see "Balls", which is why I thought they might be Hermi's! More feedback would be awesome.
  4. Ya, that last pic really looks hermi, with the open male flower at the node itself, and the pistols a little further up on the secondaries. (IMO)
  5. So if they are Hermi's, what's everyone opinion on what to do with them. After posting this I transplanted both of them into 3 gallon pots and separated them from the other fine females. Is this ok? Will the hermi's produce good bud?
  6. they will produce bud with seeds in them, low in THC content.
  7. let it flower and keep the seed for a rainy day. then sling it as mids. lol

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