Help making sig?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheToyMaker, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. im trying to make a sig on Photo shop....

    can somebody help me???

    or help me make it??

    ive already xtracted imgs...

    +rep to anybody who can help
  2. yeah man hit me up. Send me the images and any ideas that you got for it. It may take me into next week cause i got plans for the weekend but it shouldnt take that long.

    Dont forget to tell me base colors and a basic picture of what your looking for
  3. ok i sent em man... theres 4 already xtracted imges... then one more thatn needs to be cut out
  4. If shit aint happenin from this thread, you should try here where you shoulda tried in the first place. But looks like my ***** weedsmokes gonn hook it up. If shit dont work out, try the artists corner fa sho.
  5. got it man. im assuming you want the train pipe in there. In a PM or an email send me details on kinda what your looking for. I mean i could make it to what im leaning for but its your signature so the more info you give me the more it will be leaned towards you. Also im at a work computer, so no photoshop on this one and i cant see the psd file. Ill look at it later

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