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  1. i have a question. When using the method seen on the video below, would I should be able to use foil instead of was paper?

    [ame=]How to Make Hash from Kief (Very Easy!) - YouTube[/ame]

    thanks for the help
  2. I don't see why not. It may stick a little more than the wax paper when you take it out, just be gentle with this part.

    FYI, you can get a pollen press off of Amazon for about $5 and make much better hash.

  3. Hey man i recently bought a pollen press from Amazon. I had some high quality golden kief from my last bag which was Lemon OG. I put into the press and pressed it. but when i took it out it wasnt gold anymore but a lot darker color and was very pliable almost like play-doh. I cut off a little bit to try and it did nothing so i smoked a bit more still nothing, finally i said screw it and put the rest into my bong still Nothing. Can someone tell me what happened?
  4. Well the darkening is obvious, its compressed so its gonna be darker since light can't penetrate it.

    As far as not getting high...sounds like a personal problem, compressing it doesn't change its molecular formula
  5. ok well i guess my tolerance is just way too high for the kush around here. because i used 1.5-2 grams of kief
  6. I also use a pollen press, mine never comes out darker, heres a a nice puck from 4gs of kief

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  7. ^^nice, I've read the darker or greener means more plant matter, thus less potent. If you are just pressing it should be lighter imo. Like ^^^his

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