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  1. so i went to the hydro store and bought a hydro bucket raw, so it came seperate, with a bucket and net, air pump, hose and the stone..and the hydroton and a couple pieces of the foam to put the plant in...

    now pretty much, i read the tut on the bubble bucket, and its quite different from this setup so im not exactly sure how to put it all together, i connected the air pump to the hose with the stone on the end of it

    then my question is, what else do i need to do, just fill up the bucket full with water?

    and when i sprout the seed, do i just put it in the foam or what do i put the seedling in under the hydroton pebbles

  2. You will need to fill with water, until its about an inch or so from the bottom of the net pot when sitting in the lid. Ph level is very important with hydro, so you will need a Ph test kit to keep that balanced. You can either sprout your seeds using the paper towel method and then put the seeds into the rockwool (or foam), or seed directly in the foam. Once the plant is established, 2 or 3 sets of leaves, put it in the net pot surrounded with the hydroton. Keep the plant watered until the roots grow down to the water. You can start adding nutes to the water using whatever formula you desire. That's just a rough outline, fire back with any other questions.
  3. If you can drink your tap water then it will be alright to grow your plant/plants in.
    Rockwool has lime particals in it and will have a high pH level. So, rinse out your rockwool cubes under the tap water, then pre soak them in a pH adjusted 5.0 tap water (or bottled water).
    Get a sheet of unprinted kitchen roll, fold it over and over 3 or 4 time and dampen it with luke warm tap/bottled water, open paper towel up and place your seed/s in it, and sandwitch it up again, the seeds need to be kept in a dark, warm and moist place. A saucer with a soap bowl upside down will do, to keep them dark and moist. Then place that on top of your fridge or (as i do) on top of a router (computer). Leave it/them alone for a day or so, and you will see a tap root come out from the shell. When the tap root is about half an inch long, prepare your rockwool cube. Take the cube out of the presoaked water and put it gently between your 2 fingers and thumb and flick your wrist removing any access water, making sure you dont crush the air pockets in the cube.
    Now, with a cocktail stick (or anything that resembles it), make a hole down in the middle of the cube just big enough for the tap root/seed to fit in. Take the seed and gently place the tap root down first in the hole, leaving the shell a couple of millimeters below the surface of the rockwool, then with the cocktail stick pack the rockwool snuggley around the seed/tap root.
    If you have a propagator, tupperaware bowl anything clear to keep the humidity and warmth in will be good. Then place a CFL down as lose as you can to the top of the propagator.
    When watering rockwool, it is very important not to saturate it (soak it), this will cause problems. Your roots need to breath oxygen, if they cant you will end up with root rot, and your baby/babies will die. Water the tap root/root with only plain pH5.8 water for nearly a week (you can add hydrogen peroxide 'H2O2' if you like, to kill any bacteria, fungi and pathegons as well as adding oxygen to the water). Only feed/water by dipping the bottom of the rockwool in about 5 millimeters of pH 5.8 water for 1 or 2 seconds, the rockwool will act as a wick and wick up the water solution the the roots. You will see it grow (you can feed the seedling 1/8 or 1/4 strength nutrients by now, Keep pH level at around 5.8), and when the seedling has established a good nest of roots under the rockwool cube, you are ready to transplant to your system.
    Clean your system out, you can use a little household bleach and washing up liquid. Rinse it out thoroughly. Wash your hydroton pellets under tap water. Then pre soak them in pH adjusted 5.5 tap water over night.
    Next day, set up your system, and fill quarter strength nutrients to near level with the bottom of the net pot. Place around 2 or 3 rows of the pre soaked pellets in the bottom of the net pot, them put your rockwool cube/seedling in the middle, cover around and on top of the rockwool cube with more of the presoaked pellets. If you can help it, you dont want light getting through to your rockwool, if you do, it will cause fungus and mold to appear on top of it.
    For the next day or 2 just top feed the seedling plain pH5.8 water, the roots will find its way (very quickly) to the solution in the bubbler bucket.
    When roots are showing down through the net pot stop top-feeding and lower the water solution in the bucket to an inch or 2 for the bottom of the net pot.

    I can keep going on, but you have to do a bit of research yourself from here on in. Make sure you keep the pH level around 5.8. When you get used to growing, then, you can find out what pH you your plants prefer to take up whatever nutrient they require, but at a pH5.8 the plant should be able to take up all nutrients they need.
  4. i appreciate the help..this is just my first hydro system, i started with a few soil plants, but wanted to step myself up to LED's and a hydro system..once i get my seeds ill get on this
  5. Forget about LEDs, they are a waste of money, time and effort. At the least use CFLs, then work your way to HIDs. Them xmas LED lights are a load of balls. Especially now when you've moved on to hydro.
  6. actually from alot of people ive heard the contrary..but its 4 LED panels with 90w to each panel so its much more than the other grow light i had which was 150w all together so overall if i make a good enough grow space, then with all 4 panels surrounding the plant it should work out
  7. Your plant will grow, but the buds will be nothing compared to a HID grow. LEDs will only produce popcorn buds, a HID will produce nice dense buds, because the HID can penetrate down further into the plant. There will be a big difference in your final yield.
    Take a look at this youtube link to see what i mean: (you have to wait to 3.25 minutes in the video until the plants start to grow)
    [ame=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

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