help main stem stopped growing

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by babygangstalc87, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. I started 4 plants indoors under floros and transplanted them outside in March. I LST'd them for many bud sites. They all grew in response to me tying them down. The problem is I tried to top one of my plants and the main stem has not recovered from it and produced two more tops.:eek: All of the side branches are doing fine but the main stem is not. How long does it usually take for the top to resume growing? This is my first outdoor grow.
  2. It is really close to flowering season so it might be trying to flower. I wouldn't of topped it this close to flowering time. My opinion that is all
  3. when you top a plant, the main stem stops growing. completely. the purpose of topping is to get two main colas instead of just one. it forces the nodes directly below where you topped to compensate for the lack of upward growth on the main stem. this is normal,.
  4. I know that its suppose to grow two main colas, but why has it stopped growing? I made the cut 2 weeks ago!
  5. the main stem WILL NOT continue growing. the two new tops are where the growth is occuring. dont worry about the main stem anymore. its done. no more growth there because you cut off the place where it was stretching, and by doing so caused it to compensate by growing two main colas. if those arent growing, then i dont knowl

  6. 1000% correct, your doing LST your not supposed to be even worrying yourself about the main stem In fact you should be fimming the hell out of it so it stops growing as much as possible and force new branches, keep its down and get your new tops from the side branches. When your about to flower it release the top of the main stem and put her to flower.

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