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    So, my last post was a little too vague so I'm going to crack down on this one a little bit better.
    My girlfriend and I just recently bought a percolated waterpipe together, and since we split it half and half she feels she has some responsibility for the piece as well. The problem comes in when I would like to use the piece as well, but she lives 20-30 minutes away so transporting it to and from my college campus here in Miami is not exactly the safest idea for us or for the piece.
    Anyway, I was wondering if you guys could help me find a nice piece online to buy for myself. I am basically going to give her the other one as it doesn't really bother me one bit and it gives me a reason to get another one (hers is an inline perc feeding to a tree perc with an ice pinch).
    So, I'm looking for a nice piece that I could show to my roommate and impress him with the wicked succulent smoking power that the piece has to offer.
    Lets face it, percs are awesome and they allow for an indefinite amount of combinations of smoking experiences. My roommate likes little-to-no drag, whereas I like ultimately smooth smoke. My roommate has been into the whole honeycomb perc scenee, never owned or tried one myself, but they seem very cool. I haven't done my research to see just how good of a percolator it is though.
    At the same time, I don't really need percs. A straight tube does the job, but looking for one that just fits and feels like it belongs is kind of hard. Sometimes I feel like getting a new piece is like buying a new pet from the store... I take pretty good care of my pieces, cleaning them and what not.
    Any way, I can throw down probably around 350$, 400$ if it's worth it. But I'm also willing to go lower in price if the piece is cheaper but works just as well as something more expensive.
    TL;DR - Giving old piece to girlfriend due to complications with traveling, need a new one. Roommate and I love percs, but different smoking styles. Don't care what I spend as long as it is below 350$, but I am open.
    Will post pictures/links to stuff I am interested in.

  2. fuck I wish I had a link to it online a dude I buy from occasionally has a sick bong with an inline perc feeding to a honeycomb with a showerhead above it if I remember correctly
    That sounds dirty!
  4. sounds fucken horrible. wtf is the point of all those. one of them it wudve been good all of them thats horribbbleee
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    if you dont mind a bubbler this is the ultimate no drag super smooth peice.
    u can get another simpler bong with that peice to heres a vid or if 9 inches to 9.5 doesnt matter nd money matters more u can get this .5 inches smaller but its wayyy cheaper nd order another nice bong like this one
    Depends on how well the percs are made and how they go together.
    Thank you for the linksQ! Appreciate it. Looks nice!
  7. ripped fuckin smooth as hell. And one? why would you only have one perc when you could have more? Obviously it would be stupid to have like 6, but 3 is a reasonable number
  8. It's alright, some people just don't like percs. :x
  9. Im going to be honest with you budget and the way you described what your looking for i would reccomend a gave goldstein 16' fritted disk it will run you about 350 on aqua lab but the stacking ability of it is cant be matched.
  10. Shipping will kill it for em.
  11. I don't like multiple percs. And the way u said it as u can't remember the blower it prolly some draggy ass Chinese glass
  12. I never knew the fucking blower it's not my bong just a kid I know that I've used a few times... definitely not Chinese glass this kids knows what he's doing and paid 800 bucks for it. And just cuz you don't like multiple percs doesn't mean it's "fucken horrible" word your shit better.
  13. that's fine, but the way he said it made it sound like it would be awful to have more than one... not like it was his personal opinion, like it was a fact. 
  14. I'll give it a look :x
  15. LOLOLOLO ok maybe u cudve worded ur shit better. i talk harsh ill forever talk harsh. when somoene says i have a dude i buy off occasionally has a sick bong it doesnt sound like his glass is worth much at all. if he were a good blower he wud have online stores.i dont care when u say ur boy who knows his shit bought a 800 bong off em. for 800 he cudve got a muchhhhh nice bong then whatever bong he got. he cudve goteen a hedman bong that they only make 8 of each year nd hit like a champ. u keep thinkin ur boy knos shit.
  16. You are just plain retarded. Good day sir.
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    Just cause it's expensive does not mean he "knows what he's doing", Actually likely means the exact opposite.
    Here is an example      << 800$ of pure draggy garbage
  19. [quote name="gbt34" post="19345597" timestamp="1389806285"]Just cause it's expensive does not mean he "knows what he's doing", Actually likely means the exact opposite.Here is an example << 800$ of pure draggy garbage [/quote]I know. I'm saying he knows what he's doing, therefore he knows quality glass, therefore if he bought an 800 dollar bong it's good quality.
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    LOL therefore.... you dont know what brand it is, but you buy off him so he must know quality glass! and since he spent alot it's for sure good quality??? Your logic is ummm "different" how old are you?
    You don't gotta lie, That's you guys in the video i posted haha

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