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Help! Little red mites in bud!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BCGanja, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. So I didn't notice these fuckers and now all I'm left with is some nice bud with really really small red pinpoints IN my bud which I'm sure are spider mites.
    What should I do?
    Smoke it?
    Grind it and get the kief? but I don't know if they will fall though.
    Toss the bud? I need to get baked though.
    Somebody please help me quickly..
  2. Maybe bake it into a firecracker?
  3. I prob wouldnt smoke it.. but i may be lying.

    If you have a lava lamp, use it to heat the bud up real well, should kill every one. If not put that shiz in the oven at 250 degrees.

    you DONT want to smoke bugs, your intaking their DNA which actually can damage YOURS

    Be very safe man, go through the bud with a microscope, be sure not to smoke even one of those bugs..

    they prob shit all over it as well :/

    Sorry man, Id take a brick to the dealer who sold u thats car..
  4. shit i wonder how many times ive gotten bud with spider mites on it...

    id just smoke those lil bastards man i mean their so small it cant make too much of a difference lol
  5. dont listen to this guy ^
  6. Ya I'm not smoking It, but I want to know if any of you blades have a way I can save an eighth of dank though edible or hash er something.
  7. @bloody79O you are a fucking retard.
  8. Unless you can find a way to remove them all, or heat the weed to a point where i disinfects it, I wouldn't smoke it.

    Look up what temperature is needed to sanitize those little fuckers. Hopefully that temp will be close enough to the temp at which you heat marijuana in edibles.
  9. Please explain to me as to why Im a retard? Everything I said is of great importance, I'm trying to help someone who asked for it and your trying to play God? Grow up, how immature can we be now?
  10. awh yeah play god you would like that faggot
  11. who the fucks from connecticut go fuck a horse
  12. #12 zappierdesert, Aug 10, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2011
    I boo bloody.
    EDIT : I apologize, wrong person. Boo TwistOneUp420
  13. You guys can go ass to mouth together ya bunch of queers
  14. LOL, have fun smoking bugs then, sounds prettystupid to me

  15. Dude, your negativity is throwing all the wrong vibes across this thread and GC as a whole. Not to mention name-calling and harassment in general is against the rules here at grasscity. Please, abstain, or kindly gtf outtahere! :wave:
  16. You can't intake there DNA by smoking them.. Just turns into more ash and shit.. Were all carbon based man lol..
  17. inhaling any kind of foreign DNA is proven dangerous to the body and immune system.

    The bugs are tiny, may not burn 100%, and he may end up inhaling an unburnt bug. Even if the bug did completely burn and turn to ash.. Would you want to inhale bug guts?

    why do people get off on trying to "correct others" :/
  18. Please correct me if im wrong, but wouldnt smoking a few little mites be the same thing as drinking some little ants that are swimming around in your kool-aid?
  19. i dont think so. I dont think it makes it to the blood stream? Could totally be wrong haha
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