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  1. There's lil white bugs everywhere in my soil to small to take pictures of , I just noticed them because alot of my fan leaves were dieing off, so I move some and could see lil all white bugs everywhere , there six weeks away from harvest anyone have any idea what these could be?
    Would love some help .
  2. Try and get a pic.
    Failing that, search the web for a pic of it.

    Then we wont be in the dark.

  3. Yea I searched and couldn't find any pics, you would need a really good camera my nikon wont zoom close enough there about the size of a needle and they dont jump and there really quick seem to like to stay in the soil could it be fungus gnats larvae ?
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    Here is the best pics I could get. There kinda tanish red to not white had them on a white counter top in a pinch of soil I took there were 7 or 8 just in that pinch. :/


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  5. Hey.

    Thanx for takin the time to do that.

    Those are harmless soil mites. All they do
    is eat some of the decomposing matter.

    Neem will scare them away if they really
    become bothersome.

  6. So it doesnt have anything to do with the fan leaves dieing off.
  7. That is part of flowering, near the end.

  8. Man bro im relieved I thought they were just gonna die this is my first indoor grow. I grew outdoor for a number of years in a different state and never had bug problems moved to cali took my shit indoor and nothing but problems . Heres my boys im 6 ft. haa dank bro

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  9. Thats fuckin sweet man.

    U saved the best pic for last lol :hello:!!!

  10. Yea there nice just hope all goes well heres what the leaves are doing . Im losein like 8 fan leaves everyday off each plant. I still have 6 weeks left.

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  11. OK.

    Whats their Ph and what are u feeding and how often ???

  12. Ph is 6.8 im usein foxfarm farm big bloom 4 tbl spoons and foxfarm tiger bloom 3tbl spoons in 5 gal. Of water and I use that every other day then I just use ro water the other days.
  13. Spider mites can be something to worry about. 1 Female Spider Mite can lay almost One million eggs a about 250,000 eggs in a week and you can be overwhelmed pretty fast. Spider Mites puncture the leaves to feed which can causes yellow to white spots since there sucking out nutes to feed. Eventually they can defoliate the plant. A cheap way of dealing with them is 1 tablespoon of bleach to 1 gallon of water and spray. Another is to use this. Its organic no harsh chemicals. Spray the plant and top of the soil. It can be used on any veggie, flower or plant that is consumable. You can eat a apple that was sprayed on it the next day.

    You have a while till you harvest and if nothings done you will have a massive infestation which other then being very gross since they spin webs can ruin your plants. Kill them now.

    That spray I linked below seems to only be available from Lowes. Fox Farms also sells Don't Bug Me. Thats good stuff as well.

    Bayer Advanced NATRIA Insecticidal Soap
  14. I have some azamax im going to start useing every 3 days, but the leaves arent being chewed on by anything it's like there just dieing off, and theres no webs.
  15. Dunno about that then but I do know that spider mites will suck from under the leave and you start off with odd spots then it spreads as they move around.
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    So would they leave holes or just lil spots underneath the fan leaves?

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