help!! light vs square foot/1000watt vs 600watt

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  1. I have a flower room being set up at a buddies, 14 ft long 6 ft wide by 7.3 ft tall. What would be better two 1000 watts or maybe multipleee 600 watts? ...I also have (6) 400 wattrs laying around....if anyone has any ideas. I'll take any.
  2. How many 600's would you consider "multiple? Two 1000's won't cover 14 ft. long. But something like 4 600's prob. would, or better yet 4 1000's.
  3. Well I don't know about 4 1000s. Maybe though...?. I'm looking at a continues cycle harvest every 3-5 weeks a few plants a time. As front of flower room will be younger flowering plants then middle medium flowered then end well end flowering plants. Total of about 8-14in room all together. So an idea of 400s then 600s then 1000s at end of room? And yes multiple 600s as in 3-8 of them. So got an idea of the room idea. Ideas? And I can wire 6 new circuits off the breaker (110) (15a)
  4. Plus iv got 1000 in veg. If that matters.
  5. I would use the 400 in veg room.Or are you just running 1 room? Any how 400's for veg, and as many 600's as you can get in flower. The 400 then 600 then 1000's set up would prob. work pretty good too. But I am in the school of thought of you can never have too much light.
  6. May be able to get away with 2 1000w in a large hood like the raptor or xxxl hoods if you wish to have walking space around your plants for tending purposes.
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    Can grow 16 large sativas, 5-6 feet tall, under two of the raptors.
  8. The veg room is separate. Id get two xxxl air cooled hoods. Like 30" by 41" for the 1000s of I got em. But yeah I'm shooting for 3000-4600 watt max flower room
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    8 600s. Two rows. Puke! Most efficent way to lay down that kind of wattage.
  10. Your gonna have to update us on this project cause that will be quite the jungle.
  11. Ya with only 12 plants. 5 feet tall 8 600 wattrs. What u expect me to yield? Sooo why 600 over 1000s?
  12. Like 2 rows of 4 600s?
  13. They draw the least amount of energy for what they push. You could grow 12 plants that size under under 3 or 4.
  14. I grow 4 around 4ft under 1 600 in 4x4. No way to predict yield with nothing to go off of.
  15. ^Exactly. 8 lights for 12 plants would actually be overkill. At that point you are just wasting electricity for little to no more return than 12 under 4, or 6. Unless you plan on growing 12 absolute monsters with like a 6 month veg. :)
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    Do 8 and grow 30 in your space. Im so jealous. I would.
  17. So maybe 3 600s.with 2 rows of 3 400s down both sides? Or 2 1000s with 2 rows of 3 400s on the sides?
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    For 12 plants i would run 3 600s on one big inline fan. 2 rows of 6 plants
  19. Soo here's what I'm working with at my buddies. Like I said 14 by 6 maybe 7 wide by 7.3 tall. 10 and 15 gallon smart pots. Ocean forest mix with base pro mix nutrient free. Some An veg nutrient sensi a b. Maybe. And flower using fox farm ka ching and some An rhino skin. With fox farm micro nutrients. With possibility of 2 1000 watts with 6 400s or 1 1000 and 2 600s with still 6 400s I have. Or 3 600s with the 6 400s. With c02 and dehumidifier and humilifier with inline fan bringing in fresh air from outside, and amother inline fan with carbon filter pulling air through all the air cooled hoods. (On all my lighta no matter what kind) vented heat warming my home. And modification ideas?
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    Thats a lot of soil. Are you doing a full outdoor season inside? 10 gallon is enough for like an 8 ft plant.

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