HELP...light leaks?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Viracocha711, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. I have my 8'x8' grow room partitioned down the middle to create a 18/6 veg/propagation area and 12/12 flower area...My question is, I used 6 mil black plastic for the partition so the flower side is dark when the lights are off, however, there are some very small light leaks (2 or 3) and I can not cover them due to how the room is ventilated...[​IMG]

    They are not big at all, you really have to let your eyes adjust to the darkness to really notice them...But I thought I had read somewhere that there can never be any light during the dark period of flower or you will get herms? Am I nuts? Can anyone tell me if these lights leaks will render my flower side useless? Which means my grow room is useless?

    I know in a perfect world you want total darkness with lights off but is it still possible to produce a crop with small light leaks?

    PLEASE Can anyone tell me their experience with light leaks in their flowering side or grow cab/room/closet?

    Of course, it is obvious I have never grown a crop all the way to harvest so if I am being way to anal please tell me so! thanks!
  2. the answer to your question is hard to answer because we'd have to see the situation, and as it pertains to light leaks, that's impossible to show in a picture.

    in my opinion, and i only say 'in my opinion' beacuse some hard ass is going to be all over me for saying this, but it's not required that there are no light leaks at all. for fuck's sake, the plants live under moonlight w/ no stunting at all. just like nature tells us every second of every minute of every hour of every day etc that NOTHING IS SET IN STONE.

    if these light leaks are minimal and if they truly do not create as much light as say the moon might on a cloudy night, then you are just fine. dont worry.

    now for the smartasses w/ the "must be complete darkness" pitches....
  3. Oh yes, I am not looking to hear from some hard ass who is looking to act cool with a reply that does not say "...I have had personal experience flowering plants under ABC indoor conditions and I know xyz from that personal experience"

    Other than that it should be fairly easy to answer, I hope? That is if I can find some honest folks to reply that are not hell bent on trying to be cool like other forums...You know what I mean? Folks who try to respond like they are a 30 time Cannabis Cup winner and do not even read your question correctly! LOL!
    If those who have personally flowered Cannabis indoors tell me whether they have done it with very small light leaks or whether they have a PERFECTLY LIGHT TIGHT growroom which is not as easy as some think to obtain...I mean it depends on the room some are easier than others I'm sure...But one does not throw up some plastic and expect to have a light tight room/partition/cab/closet whatever...And with all the folks' growroom pics I have seen, I would have to think most folks do not have a 100% light tight room/cab/closet/etc!

    ...I would love to hear that small light leaks should not cause a prob! I know it needs to be as dark as possible, but like I said, if you look at growroom pics you will see things in the background like gaps under doors, louvers in closet or cab grow, white light from floros behind some plastic veggin, many things if you are looking for it that would suggest small light leaks are not that big of deal...Because the pics I am refering to usually have big fat buds growing in them...Not many folks post and brag about their hermie! LOL!

    We will see how polite folks are here and whether or not the pot heads here pay attention to the questions they answer?

    I hope I do not sound rude but you know what I am talking about, right? Some folks think answering as many post as they can regardless if they take the time to read and understand the question before answering it will some how make them cool? LOL!

    Like for example...If my very small indirect light leaks were easy enough to fix with some duct tape I would have done it and would not be asking this question...BUT SOMEONE WILL SUGGEST I USE DUCT TAPE OR WHATEVER TO FIX IT, OR BETTER YET, POST A PIC! lol!!!!!:)

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