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  1. Hey folks... I had a brief light leak this morning 15 minutes before the lights were supposed to go on. I have a 6.5 x 6.5 tent with side flaps, and I opened it (as i was  half asleep) because i didn't hear the ballast running, anyway the overhead lights were on for maybe 10 sec, max,, but I heard some strains are more sensitive than others, and I am just wondering what i should do as i am in day 19 of flower. Its unfortunate too because I just added a 900w LED to the 600 hps
                                                  THANKS for any and all input and suggestions.
    I can post some pictures to give you guys an idea of the space and the ladies if people reply.

  2. Dont let it happen a lot. One quick incident and you will more than likely be fine.
  3. Don't let it happen again, but If it does don't turn the lights back off, just get started on your light cycle early. What will mess up a plant more than anything is switching between multiple short periods of light and dark. So in your case, you gave it a brief light and then also a brief dark before the lights came on for the regular cycle, you have to look at it that way.
    As others have said, with only one incident you should be OK.
  4. Yeah in retrospect I wish I would have just let the day begin as normal with the lights on. Is there any way for me to figure out sooner rather than later if a plan is going to turn hermie?' not for another week or two right is there any products for instance Dutch masters reverse that i could use as a preemptive spray against that or should should I just carefully monitor them everyday. Thank you guys starting to feel little betterSent from my TF300T using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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