Help! Light cycle screwed up 7!! weeks into flower

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  1. Hey everyone a fast run down of my grow: I am currently about 7 weeks into flowering a single big momma Bubblicious. The plant was grown from a seed..from a clone(that will be relevant later?) I have had a reallyy killer harvest over a year ago with this same plant, however this time around something didnt seem right from the start of flowering. The plant has a tendancy to stretch after flowering so i was ready for that, But the buds didnt put on crystals like i remmebered. In the last weeks i have noticed a stretch at the tops of the colas....what i read is called Foxtails...which i think i figgured out was from heat from lighting being too close..i raised the light a few days ago and new pistals(hairs) started growing on the colas. BUUUUT today i found the timer was turning on in the middle of my light cycle for like 3 hours AND I DONT KNOW FOR HOW LONG!!!!:eek::mad: The plants have only now started to stick a lil and are putting on some trichs but they have some way to go. And they are actively puttin on WEIGHT gettin fat. But im worried what this might do to my F-ing flowers!!
    I read hermies is something to look out for.....But the buds are already weighing down the stalks.... Anybody think she will stop growth...then BACK to flowering and make gnarly king kong buds hahahaa Im pretty sure not but thats the only thought that keeps me from crying from frustration... Thanks for readin any input is good
  2. Anything guess.....?
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    If it hermies, grow the seeds out (let them develop) and you'll have feminized seeds with the same genetics as the mother. Prob get more seeds than you would know what to do with. Mail me a couple!

    But perhaps it's fine and won't show signs of seed development and you'll have beautiful sensimilla flowers; either way you just have to wait and see what shows up.

    That sucks about your timer.. Light leaks are one thing but if your timer was just messed up, that really sucks.
  4. Damn nothing guys??? Well let me ask this...What would you guys do? put her in 24 hours of dark...then back? I just fixed the timer and am gonna keep going... I would harvest if i were farther along but the buds dont have near enough crystals..bud have greaat siz already
  5. honestly my biggest fear would be the lighting cauing them to herm n making some bananas in those buds your so close you might just be able to pick anyhting that comes up, off.
  6. I've had some buds hermie and others not, so like Chrismitty is saying, you could just pick off the buds that have seeds. Have you really inspected the buds? Might not hurt to rip one open and see what's inside. But don't do any other wacky stuff with your light cycle, just leave it at 1212 or maybe make it darker longer if anything.

  7. I don't get it - if it's a hermaphrodite, well so what does that mean you're not going to smoke it? I'm sure your plant is still going to flower. So the conditions weren't ideal during 12/12 that doesn't mean it isn't unsmokeable.

    I never understood why people cared about hermies when not breeding or making seeds to sell. Hell, some strains even have a predisposition to do so. Would you throw away flowering Blueberry or Jack Herer plant if you saw some male flowers?! I wouldn't. I smoke the phuck out that he-she. Both those strains are top flight and known to be hermaphroditic.

    Just grow it out and smoke it. Recover and do better next grow. Maybe it will be more potent. Who knows until you harvest. You can stress the crap out this plant and it's not going to die. Even if your environment was not optimal it will probably still produce lovely buds that will be better than that cartel schwag they sell on the street.
  8. Ahh i spoke to soon...thanks guys
    Yea i am starting to realize thats my only option. I really hope she doesnt turn hermi on me...i was hoping to top her and reveg and flower her. And it really sucks cause ive been anxiously waiting on her and she is taking up my prime space. Space and lighting that i have six REALY good lookin plants to go in, just went into 12/12. Im just way too ready to be done with this bitch!
  9. nu11...i get what your sayin and totally agree. I'd smoke da hell outa it. But besides the lighting and room issue the plant has had a HORRIBLE start in life. The previouse (care giver?) for the plant neglected the shit out of it. Let it grow right up inot the 600w light. And the plant hasnt put on trichs like it should have...the result of i think too high humidity. I am now running an air filter and the humidity has gown down but only recently has the plant even started to smell and even put on any trichs. Size has been great but only recently put on crystals.
  10. i guess what my fear is that this interuption in the light cycle is going to hinder my buds maturing. Cause althought the size is good, they have the appearance of very immature buds....they dont look 7 weeks as far as crystals.(i havent been able to figure this out?) So i could see the plant vegging again slightly and halting all the active bud growth that is going on....
    Anybody have thoughts on what would happen next??

    As far as the plant not putting on trichs like i remembered, i have had a few hypothesis. 1. cause the plant was grown from seed from a clone. 2. the humidity(which i dont BELIEVE wasnt any higher this time around?) 3. cause of excess heat.( i had been running 80-85) I had no issue of this sort before....same plant same lighting same eveyhtingr. but this time its just one big ass plant as apposed to 12 sog the last time. I feel i solved the foxtailing problem but the lack of trichs has had me stumped...AND NOW the timer went crazy on me so im confused, frustrated and pissed at this point.
  11. For more trichs make the Day length shorter. Also, right before you harvest, leave the lights off for 48 hrs and don't peak. Don't ask me why it works but it always seems to work for me.

    Just don't try go back to veg.
  12. like gardenofease said you could have the feminized seeds if you dont pick all the hermie parts off, i mean sounds like it could be somehting good if you play it right
  13. I would try the longer night but a not so green thumbed third party already cut my nights to like 14 hours to START flowering... If i knew they were just trying to help i would think they were sabotage my babies! lol
    Im gonna do the 48 hours thing from now on though, i have heard others say the same.
    I wouldnt go back to veg at this point...i would just harvest her early. But i am planning on revegging after harvest for a second faster harvest off her. That is if she doesnt go hermie
  14. Yea im riding it out at this point... But do you really think (hypothetically speaking) that the seeds produced will be feminized? Could they be hermie?? Or maybe male female mix?
  15. Nah that's a fact, if it's a female plant and it hermies, the seeds will be female. That's how you make feminized seeds. You have to let the seeds develop on the plant before you harvest for them to be effective though. And there's no such thing as herminized seeds. There might be a genetic predisposition to become a hermaphrodite but that can be prevented with proper plant care.

    What's your current light cycle?
  16. IMO i think since its a stress induced hermie, and not a genetic characteristic of the strain, you should be in the clear with the trait being passed along so id assume theyd come out mostly feminized, if not all. ( pretty sure they'd be female but gottta cover my ass a little) haha
  17. I had heard that some sort of chemical was involved in makinf fem seed. But the no hermie seed thing is news to me...and welcomed info aswell. I'd definitely like the seed. This strain is awesome. Hardy, big buds, and i loooved the smell.
    My light cycle is something like 10 on 14 off.... Somebody "looks" after my plants time to time, and this was something this person thought would make it make the transition into flowering faster.... i dont believe this to be true but i didnt want to add ore time to the timer after a week of having this cycle...
  18. Ah, there's the rub. You're just annoyed which is understandable and your anticipation of harvest has been tempered by the challenges of your grow. Yeah, feel ya there about frustrated & pissed. Sh*t happens. Happens to all of us! Months and months of planning and obsessing, because if weren't slightly obsessive, ya wouldn't be on this board.

    Well, I made a runt from a plant that should be about 4' tall but is not cuz I managed to bungle her. I finally have enough light and head room for a sativa and It is a teeny TINY 5" cuz I broke the damn stem almost clean off. Pissed and frustrated because it's C99-Grapefruit and you know how hard that is to find in seed these days? And ya know how good a C99 tastes and it's been so long, years since I've had one...pissed and frustrated. Yet, she did fix herself and is flowering now. The only thing to do is get the best out of it I can get at this point and enjoy the smoke while it lasts. Lucky for me, there are 6 others doing fine but I REALLY REALLY wanted some a Cindy with a some kind of yield and I'm not gonna get that, but I will get something.

    Truthfully, if it were me, I'd just run it an extra couple weeks (you know how it ripens, cuz you grew it already) to make up for the irregularities with the light cycle. It will sort itself out. Think of it this way, it WANTS to flower and there is almost nothing you can do to stop it. You are just facilitator.

    Ah, forgive yourself, flower her and enjoy your harvest that much more because of all the work you put in. Other seeds will make other plants. All's well. Peace.
  19. I like what nullvalue said about leaving her in flower longer and not harvesting. That's the surest way to get more trichs. Another way is to educate your plant sitter a lil bit.
  20. Hahaha i try so hard to spread at the least basics....but some people just need to do the reading for themselves. This plant was suppose to be just for clones and i just figured we would see what she did.... Like i said earlier it hurts and is frustrating, but i have 6 really good specimens about 1 1/2 ft that are gonna start buddin soon so im not sweatin it too much. Just a 6 week delay on the smoke at the most. :/
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