Help!!!leaves turning yellow with brows spots during flowering

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  1. hey guys please help me out my plant is starting to get yellow leaves with some brown spots..i dont know if im over watering cause i only water when the soil is dry every few days..its outdoor and it reaches 90+ degrees outside..yesterday it had 2 fan leaves completely yellow with brown spots and i clipped them off( i hope i dident mess it up)..the soil was pretty dry so i have it 2 quarts tap water last night(i let the water air out for a day or so) its in a 5 gallon bucket so mabye that waa too much water? please help im very new at this..the plant is around 4 months ols and almost a month into flowering...any tips would be greatlyyy appreceated..

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  2. after i clipped the two yesterday and watered it last night i woke up to more yellowish leaves :( its also not quite getting 12 12 cause its outdoor its mabye getting 9 or 10 hours darkness
  3. Idk maybe heat spots? Keep the girls misted
  4. i herd it wasnt good to spary water on flowering plant it causes mold?
  5. That's true if you don't have good air circulation but plants do still flower successfully outside when it rains ;)
  6. firsttimer0927 I have the same problem I'm in the 4th week of flowering most say it's suppose to do that because the flowers are pulling energy to flower are you getting new growth if so I wouldn't worry.It also can be a defiency what I did was add some epson salt 1/2 tsp. to a half gal of water it seem to help but I've had yellowing after the second week but I notice that with the energy being pulled to the flowers there getting more densier and it's not a whole lot maybe 1 per stem I just pull them so I have less to trim at the end.hope this helps
  7. What hightime said. It's nitrogen theft, but it happens. Buds want what the leaves have. Let it happen.
  8. Normal process. Google it, u will see.
  9. I Thought that plants needed less nitrogen during flowering and more potassium. Higher levels of nitrogen are needed during veg state. So it doesn't seem like nitrogen is the problem. correct me if I'm wrong.
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    nitrogen is no longer used from the soil. Or used less. So it stops taking nitrogen from the soil and gets it from it's leafs. This process turning your leafs yellow a few at a time. This is why you use a lower fert first number like 0-10-10. You do not need nitrogen is your ferts for the plant stopped using it in the soil.

    Brown spots I not sure.

    The pic above is days old. Can you post another pic of your plant now 2 days later?

    Your plants look fine. I would like to see a little darker green though. Or perhaps it's the camera. Mine does that as well. Night time pics show true color or close to. Or darker anyway..

  11. Im high guy, But i think you need some magical, or cal-mag. it will help with that heat and burn leaf problem.

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