Help! Leaves tips turning brown?!?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Itsyaboi, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. I have tried everything to get it to stop. I thought it was beat stress I moved the light away didn't help. Thought maybe a deficiency gave it nutrients it didn't help (did explode in growth tho). I'm using cfl lighting.

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  2. So I decided maybe I could be giving it to many nutrients. So I flushed it with a gallon or two of water an see what happens. The runoff was a dark brown I assume there is to many nutrients.
  3. It's the soil you're growing it in. They all have nutrients in them, especially box store soils that aren't specifically designed for growing MJ. You should've just left it alone and gave it plain water. It would've gotten over the burned tips quickly and continued to grow. Now you've stressed the heck out of it by flushing it with a lot of water AND you've washed out any nutrition that was in the soil to begin with. Do yourself a favor and do some more reading on how to handle a baby plant. They're tender and most anything will burn them in the beginning and giving nutrients DEFINITELY isn't the answer. The soil should be of good enough quality to feed your plant for many days before you need to give it a bunch more nutrients. Nearly at the bottom of the "forums" page is the "beginner growers" thread. You need to go into it and read the "sticky's" at the top. Those contain tried and true information on "how to tend a MJ plant." Having lights to grow it under and nutrients to pour in it isn't even the beginning of what you need to know....the very basics of how to take care of a plant with a soil grow. TWW
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    The tips started yellow an went brown after a week or so at first I left it alone it started getting worse so I decided I had to take action. It's my first grow I can say I have not much idea what I'm doing but trial an error
  5. just relax never do anything when trying to diagnose a plant except read read and read more before reacting,its a weed it will grow,too much love will kill it,just water it with ro water and keep a 26watt cfl 5000k or above 2 inches directly above each seedling with just a little breeze on it

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