help leaves from bottem are turning yellow with brown spots and dry

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  1. i do not know what is happening all the new leaves that come from the bottem are coming out yellow and really dry and i watered them with a lil bit of dolomite lime will this help and turn them back to normal?

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  2. Hello! I have a very similar prob my plants are still under 24 hours of a 400 w mh light but are about ready to begin flowering... However, my bottom leaves are all turning yellow, drying n falling off!! Help
  3. the lower fan leaves of plants tend to take the harshest beating due to lack of nutes, water, too much nutes, not enough light, pH levels etc. I would take soil pH test and go from there. Are you giving them nutrients? That bottom leaf looks bad and most likely is a pH problem or lack of nutrients, although the rest of your plant looks fine, how long had this been going on for? if its recent it could begin to happen to the entire plant.

  4. Id say its been a week and i dont hav a ph tester is ther another way?
  5. Investing in a pH tester is a good idea. Dont get the cheapies. They suck and will make things worst.

    That small investment has helped me a lot so far. I dont regret it.
  6. you cannot test really any other way for pH levels, as blizoblunt said, get a good pH tester. It is crucial to have the right pH balance to ensure good growth and healthy plants, neglecting this could turn for the worst, keep on posting your progress and you will get the help you need from the community.

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