Help Leaves drooping and yellowing. Pics included.

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  1. This is my first grow, i am using regular compost-soil. I did overwater and now i havent watered a few days, the leaves aren't crispy nor dry. Is this deficiency, heat burn, nutes or something? Please help so i can atleast save my one plant that is fine right now. One of my plants already died to this..
    One picture is the plant today and the other picture is the plant 3 days ago. Its spreading fast. The picture where is foil on the pot, that is the picture about a week ago when the plant was healthy


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  2. up, anyone?
  3. damn that looks no good
    what lights you have on it
    I would not do anything to it till someone with some knowledge chimes in.
    IMO looks like extreme over watering  your soil drain your water good. Like when you water can you get the water to come through the bottom rather easily?
  4. usually after transplant the plant shocks due to new soil and shiz, you need to take account the ph and nutrients of the soil before transplanting, if the cotyldons are still on the plant then you don't want to transplant it at all yet, if they had dissapeared/died off then you only want to feed it minimal nutrients until it hits a certain growth point then you transplant.
  5. Over watering. You drowned her. Let the soil dry out. Water when SHE needs it not when YOU decide she needs it.. hopfully your other one pulls through..

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