Help! Leaves curling, no dryness.

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    Hello GC community, i have 3 outdoor plants and 2 of them are having issues. They are blackberry strain in a relatively dead dry soil. The soil was amended with bat guano & worm castings, but have been given no nutes only water for the past 4 weeks. The tap water is de-chlorinated by sitting out for 24 hrs but not ph tested.

    The plants are having some leaved curl and bend inwards, yet are still moist not dry and crinkly. Its happening around the tops and also midway up the stems. Its made the plant produce 1 & 3 leaf fans, primarily around the tops. I took some pics to show some detail as its kinda hard to describe.

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  2. Your plants are re-vegging. Give it a couple weeks and they'll be back to normal.

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  3. Mine do this exact thing, im sure it's nothing to worry about.

    I've always thought it was a deformation from being in veg for too long.

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