Help! Leaves are brownish-yellow and curling downwards!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sheldon_675, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. This is my first grow, and one of my plants is turning a yellowish brown, and the stem appears to be weak. I water a small amount usually once every two days, and mist everyday, any suggestion?

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  2. ya bro it isnt lookin to good, You might wanna try and get it closer to the light maybe. Dont know why the leaves are turnin brown, u might wanna poke holes in the bottom to make sure there is no water build-up that would rott the roots. Also if your using too strong of ferts, it could be a major factor. Hit back
  3. It is probably like 6 inches away from the light, and my other one is doing fine, so i don't think it's that. If it is over fert, how do i fix that? I have only ferted with used coffee grinds, as i read this is the best for vegetation.
  4. umm well I'm not sure about the coffee grinds.. I might discontinue that part.. it's probly a little PH problem that the poor little thing had, and it looks like the top leaves aren't doing it so it probly is coming out of it.. sometimes they adjust a bit harshly to thier new home... specially if it's got a wacked out ph, which those coffee grinds may not be helping.. small plants like that don't need any nutes for a week or two anyhow..
  5. flush it with water... and keep using regular PH balanced water...
    those coffee grinds are likely fuckin your PH way up...

    but use regular water, and keep it at that distance, and she should pull thru

    best of luck
  6. used coffee grounds are an old gardener's trick to lower the pH of the soil. It could be that your soil is too sour.

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