Help! Leaf yellowing, burn and insects.

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  1. Okay so i got this Mk Ultra going and its about 3 weeks into flowering. Since about 5 days i noticed yellowing on the bottom/mid fan leaves (top part looks perfect!) and I cant seem to stop it.
    Also get little (but visible) crawling insects on my big fan leaves, and they leave nasty bites.

    Does anyone know how to stop the yellowing and what insects they are?
    Btw I live in southern Spain (very hot!).

  2. Not without some photos

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  4. Insects I think are spider mites. Remove as many spider mites by hand as you can they can destroy your plant if left to themselves . Yellowing can be nitrogen deficiency but in flower you don't use as much so to be expected.

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  5. Thanks! have tried to give them a little veg nutes but without any luck.
    Dont see any tiny webs anywhere?? Just little cuts in the edges of the leaves.
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  6. If there are cuts probably not spider mites. However just because you don't see webs yet doesn't mean they are not. First signs are little white spots on the leaves . Not sure what bug that is . A little too big for spidermites

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  7. ok i'll try to take a nice closeup tomorrow. Thanks!
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