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  1. hello I’m having some yellow tips I’m thinking it’s a zinc deficiency? I been using distilled water it’s ph is 5.3 is that to low can you guys plz help me using Gaia green living soil plants about 38 days old strain is gelato #33 by crop king seeds.

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  2. Looks like to much Humic Acid maybe? Just use spring water or filtered tap water, you want a little something in the water to act as a buffer. RO and Distilled water are stripped of everything. Making them want to pull nutrients out of the soil to try and balance itself.

    And 5.3 is low, you want 6.2 - 6.8 for soil. Can use AgSil16H as a natural PH UP and it gives your plant Silica. Just make sure to always had Silica to water FIRST and mix. Before adding anything else or it can lock everything up.

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  3. so i checked out the soil you planted them in and it has two high nitrogen immediate release fertilizers in it. this is what too much nitrogen looks like to me. i would add 25% base soil of peat moss only and cut it with the bagged soil next time. i think as they grow, the tips will stop happening as the nitrogen gets used up.

    i would also not use distilled water. when i was having water problems, i bought RO water that is from a machine at Walmart and you bring your own gallon jugs. it is the cheapest bottled water you can buy and while i did not test the pH, i did not have any problems using it with the plants while i got my RO system installed.
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  4. Weird I planted this other one with the same soil except this one with the issues I put a little bit of promix hp for the mycorrhizae. Could that still happen? Maybe gelato is more sensitive to nitrogen then cbdiesel. Also I checked run off ph was 6.2. I did make some compost tea and I just put a bit of worm castings on the top of the soil but that’s after the yellow leaves. What do u guys think?
  5. This is my cbdiesel with the same Gaia green living soil

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  6. i think you're going to love your plant to death. leave it be except for plain water for 3-4 days and see how it develops. nothing positive is going to occur in 24 hours for an organically grown plant but one can certainly muck one up beyond repair in 24 hours. i'm going to suggest to you what i suggest to everyone new to the grow scene or a veteran still battling problems with every grow they have; make a list of the 13 essential elements to grow any kind of a plant (carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen come from the water and the air) and ensure you can account for each one. plants use so little of the micronutrients that if you can account for Zn (your guess) on your list of ingredients i can assure you that you dont have a Zn "deficiency".

    when talking about growing plants, regardless of style or method to grow them, "deficiency" comes in two forms; acute deficiency and chronic deficiency. briefly stated an acute deficiency means there is not enough of the needed element being required. chronic deficiency means there's a limited but continuous supply of an element but it's availability for uptake is being limited due to some other problem such as ph, salinity, hardness, chemical conflict (too much of one thing conflicts with another).

    so, if you can account for the 13 minerals there's no acute deficiency. if you actually have a problem (a little tip burn is not in itself a crisis) you might have a chronic deficiency and the most likely culprit is what has already been pointed out with the water, aka "ph problem".

    if the 13 elements are properly accounted for get your irrigation water dialed in and let it ride. do you think your tap water is not good for the garden?

    hth's. you have to think through these things and not rush organic gardening. at least ime anyway.

    good luck!
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