HELP! leaf is folding

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mh523, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. young leaves are folding in, it might have been hot in the grow room yesterday, but im not too sure. humidity i think is fine. never checked, but feels good

    i growing in organic miracle grow , says it feeds the plant got up to 6 weeks. so perhaps a nute issue
    i got cfls 125W 6400k

    so may b it was the heat? or its a nute prob with soil?

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  2. how much light are you using and how far away from the plant is it? cause in the pic, there looks like some serious stretching from the cotyledon (round leaf) to the first leafset....the leaves could be angled upwards as a result
  3. i use one 125W cfl, a big ass one.

    the thing is , is was growing on natural light first then i changed to a shitty light bulb . hence the stretch.
    cfl has been on since today.
    the folding leaf started showing yesterday morning
  4. Ya it's stretchin for some light. My plants did the same thing. Just put the light like 6-8 inches away from her. She will flatin out in a day
  5. alright, thanks man, though i already know about light rules. i guess i have to be patient,.
  6. light has always been 2 inches away

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