Help! Leaf has dying spots outside.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ori.wolcon, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Ok so yesterday afternoon I water my 4 plants (only 1 isn't a seedling) with alaska fish fertilizer, I know I need real nutrients. I go out of the house for a day and come back to this on my leaves [​IMG]

    Some tips on other leaves are also this yellow greenish color and it falls off when I pinch it, it feels dry to the touch. What is wrong with my plant?
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  2. Could be too many nutes, did you splash the leaves with the water with fertilizer in it?
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  3. I dont think I did the fertiliser is more nitrogen than anything. I know I didn't spill water on the leaves so maybe I'll lay off on fertiliser for now.
  4. For sure looks like a nute burn from it being on leaves. Can happen very easy with out even noticing it. That or something eating it, kinda blurry.
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  5. My nutrients is only 5-1-1 and its basically dead fish . The spots are crispy and it just flakes off when I touch it. Its only on lower leaves mostly so it must've been me spilling water. Thanks for advice, do you think this will have any negative effect on my plant?
  6. Could have been splashing, but depending on how much nitrogen was already in your soil you may not need to add anymore.
  7. Hi if it is just a splash if nute/water on ya leaves it will be ok but try not to spkash more! Or feed/water just before lights off . This way any spilage can dry naterally and be diluted in humidity. That way the lights dont fry and spills on ya leaves . Good luck and im sure all will go well love xxx
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