Help! Leaf Discoloration and I don't know why!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by SimonD6, Feb 4, 2023.

  1. I am growing one Blue Dream plant (seed from in a 4x2 tent with two MF1000 LED lights by Maxisun.

    She is in a 5-gallon fabric pot finishing up her 4th week of flowering, 5th week starts Monday.


    In the past week I've noticed yellowing at the tips of the leaves in seemingly random locations at the top canopy of the plant. There are also some leaves yellowing and falling off at the base of the plant (I assume this part is normal???).

    Throughout the grow I have seen small and few locations of what I think to be nutrient burn but I'm unsure. (I might have hit her with Nitrogen too hot and heavy early on in the grow.). I am including a photo of a leaf with this condition.

    MY GUESS: Overfeeding of nitrogen early on has caused nutrient burns throughout the process and has caused nutrient lockout at this point. I think she has a potassium deficiency based on comparing my plant to research I've done. Again, I'm a noob here and don't know much about the troubleshooting process.

    OR Maybe it's a nitrogen deficiency since I stopped feeding it nitrogen at the start of flowering? I read that Blue Dream can handle extra Nitrogen. Maybe that's what she needs?

    I water as needed every 3 or so days and I just watered yesterday adding a little extra potassium. Not sure how long it takes to see any changes but today appears to continue the trend of discoloration.

    I use Fox Farm nutrients.
    IMG_3056[1].JPG IMG_3058[1].JPG IMG_3061[1].JPG IMG_3065[1].JPG
    Please let me know your thoughts, all input is welcome.

  2. Discoloration of the outer portion of the leaf usually equals nute burn. Lay off the feeding a time or two and see if she bounces back. Otherwise, you have a fine lookin' plant there. Good luck!
  3. try molasses it couldnt hurt anyway but it may help
  4. That plant looks very healthy to me. Some very slight nute burn on the tips of the leaves but otherwise looks good. I'd be a happy camper with that plant.

    I never stop giving them nitrogen even in flower. Just shrink the doses accordingly as it is still needed in the plants life cycle.
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  5. The overall leaf color is a bit light, with that pale washed out tint. Bump up the nutes. Definitely getting calcium deficient, and light on the nitrogen too.

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