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Help Laced?!?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Igsdp, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. hey so I recently got a new guy and I wanna know if this looks laced to you guys or is it straight? Jus off. Of looks cause j saw little white spots

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  2. Spark her up bub.

  3. That's a nice sized nug

    SeNt FrOm My•☆GaL@x¥ $5☆•
  4. not laced lol calm down
  5. Most definitely laced

    (Gets old telling people there's no way to tell anything from a pic, especially a pic of bud still in a baggie)

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  6. Is my/was my weed laced?! Will I pass this drug test?!
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  7. White stuff are most likely either trichomes or mold/mildew. But honestly need a pic without the bag, or a closer more detailed look.
  8. I already smoked it it was strong it's a strain called berry bomb but it's a new plug and I was curious to see if it was laced but not like little white spots not like crystals but it was just strong as bell that's why j think it was laced but it's most likely not but still some help appreciated and thanks to those who already replied
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  9. You're dirty for weed man. When's the test? Chances are its not laced man. It does not pay for dealers to lace weed. It costs money which cuts into profits. There's no way to tell from a pic though. You already smoked it. You should know by now.

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  10. Lol this isnt my thread it was a joke. You mentioned this question getting old so I added another question that is also posted like 9 times a day
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  11. I should put this in my sig for how many times Ive said it. Its not laced. Unless you ask for it there is 99.99999% chance it will NEVER be laced. Youre not gonna get wet from smoking a bag of herb unless you specifically ask for it. It doesnt make any sense to do it. You'd lose soo much money as a dealer, think about it, you dont sell BMWs at Daewoo prices
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  12. Nothing has been more true.
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