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Help keep my low tolerance?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hankderb420, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Hey fellow smokers:wave:

    How can I smoke daily and keep a relatively low tolerance... I want to do this with out taking a tolerance break. Any advice, please?
  2. Smoke less weed each day.

  3. id rather not...
  4. Erm, there is no way. If you're blazing multiple times a day then you should just take a week or so off. After that then don't smoke all day if you want to keep your tolerance down.
  5. only take enough hits to get you high instead of smoking a few grams at once
  6. and do something active. like run or something to sweat or get your metabolism up..
  7. working out boosts your highs alot and try to make a habit of keeping toking to night times on most days and you'll be fine. what i do, and i still get pretty ripped
  8. you can try becoming more active. burning fat that contains the tolerence build up can make you feel better about being active and can also make it easier for blood flow which can make highs easier to come when you have good blood flow through out your body.
  9. I have way lower tolerance than all my friends and I smoke almost as much as they do. It could me because I'm just naturally a light weight, but I rarely drink and I can drink most of my drinking buddies under the table, so the lightweight thing might not be it. Rather, I think my low tolerance is due to the fact that I rarely smoke more than a g a day--spread out over the whole day. In short: don't smoke much when you do smoke. Also, as everyone else has said, be active while you're high.
  10. Smoking less is the only way really. You will have to take a break eventually(if you want it to feel great ever again) .
    You could try smoking out of different pieces, joints etc. I always like to switch up the main piece I use every few helps you really feel the difference if you're used to smoking the same way all the time
  11. as said earlier, vaporize and workout. i don't vaporize but i do workout and i have a very low tolarnace. also a t-break always helps, i know you don't want to but just suck it up for like a week or too.
  12. If smoking isn't doing it for you...make some edibles, hundreds of cannabinoids that your brain doesn't get from just smoking.
  13. just smoke till you get buzzed. smoke some more later to maintain the constant buzz.
    i have a low tolerance, i dont like getting super ripped but every once and a while.
    so i just stay constantly high.

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