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help, i've fallen and i can't get up!

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Rekisito, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. So my little monster is starting to grow at an angle. I thought it was just starting to lean but it's growing kinda off to one side... will this be a problem? I was going to use a stake to prop it up but I am afraid to damage the roots.

    Plant is still in veg, about 6 inches, but very bushy (for a little fucker anyway)

    I'm trying to get a camera to take pics.
  2. Is it possibly stretching and falling over, or is wind involved or something?
  3. no! thats the thing, there is practically no stem growth between each new set of growth. It's like one set grows and the next set just pops out the top if that one. I didn't LST or top it yet either. I really need to get a picture. I will try to get one up tomorrow.

    no wind either, I only have a fan exhausting the heat of the CFL's at the moment. Haven't had any accidental burns or yellowing yet, although the largest set of leaves are curlinga little at the tips, like talons or something... but I think it's just a gene trait since there is no discoloration. They're also about 5 inches long on the largest set of leaves.
  4. how far away is ur light ?
  5. The curling down like "talons" is usually from too much N. Are you feeding them nutes?

    Also, plants bend to get the most light. Maybe adjust the plantsnd your lights to get them to grow evenly.
  6. plants are in potting soil with no fertz and I haven't given them anything but tap water : about 3 waterings so far.. Just picked up some RO water today from the hydroshop, the guy added a little bit of something though, a sensigrow product... I haven't watered the plant with this yet though.

    As for the CFL's, there are 4 bulbs which sit in a box pattern overtop the plant, pretty even distribution... I have a feeling this is due to me transplanting a week ago, we'll see. I need pics.

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