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  1. This is my first grow and im running into some issues with this seedling. the whole plant is drooping over and the leaves are starting to curl up and seem to be drying out. im not sure if theres a lack of nitrogen or if its a ph problem. i had some heat stress issues from my house getting too hot while i wasnt there and the plant didnt like that too much. any help if helpful. thanks.

  2. How often are you watering and how much? What medium
  3. The medium is very important to know. If it’s soil it shouldn’t be a nutrient problem as there tends to be enough to get it into veg

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  4. i have been watering when the soil dries out up to my first knuckle. so probably every other day or every 2 days. i dont soak the soil because i dont want to over water, so i use a spray bottle and spray it until i think its enough. the soil im using is the natures care organic and natural potting mix because it is what i had on hand and i figured it should be good enough for this.
  5. thats what i was thinking and thats why im confused... i was thinking since i dont know the ph of the water im using it might be restricting the plant from getting enough. but then again seedlings dont take that many nutrients to grow.
  6. i posted the og. pictures right before i watered for today and it seems to have perked up a good bit although, now the leaf thats doing badly is about halfway "consumed" and looks dried out and the other leaf looks about as bad as the other one did when i posted the pictures.
  7. Damaged leaves will never recover.
  8. i figured as much, but is there a way to prevent it from killing them off even more?
  9. It honestly looked like underwatering to me. They are far too young for anything else and honestly a spray bottle isn't going to give you much water down to the roots now that they are trying to grow roots. I generally follow the outside tips of the leaves when looking down on the plant to figure out how much to water. This avoids the soil from being overly saturated. It also promotes root growth by encouraging the plant to reach slightly for water. Use a 1 cup measuring cup or even a 1/2 cup. The knuckle test is unreliable imo and experience. Pot weight is generally the easiest most reliable. Start feeling how heavy your pot is before watering and how heavy after.

    Best of wishes.
  10. Thanks for the advice. The reason i wasnt going off of pot weight is just because its so small i dont want to soak the soil and drown it. i will see if this helps.
  11. Just don't water till its light again
  12. got it, thanks

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