HELP is this a problem??

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  1. What are these signs of?? are they early spider mites?




  2. could be powdery mildew an thats a problem for sure - it could be spider mite web or shit as in what it shits out its ass it can look like someone spit on the leaf and it dried out

    if its powdery mildew it will be, well, powdery - you need to take care of this asap because it can spread like no other and I have actually had it grow in a room with 0% humidity according to the meter that was in there and I had a dehumidifier in there also so I know it was low

    I tried everything there was to git rid of it and nothing worked until I got a sulfur burner, there is only 1 good one this one, and you can usually get it from amazon or other local stores, this is just the link I found - Nivola just was the best after talking to a friend who grows millions of heads of lettuce he has a huge green house and he has lots of these just to prevent mildew

    yea its sulfur and it will smell like sulfur but if you get the elemential sulfur thats 98% or higher sulfur it wont smell much at all, its strange the more pure it is the less it smells bad - sorta like vodka if its good it really has no strong smell

    you use this for 2-3 hours during the night cycle and replace the sulfur every day - after only 1 day I noticed it was not spreading anymore and after 1 week all that was left was different colored spots on the leaves from where it was growing - I ran it for 4 more days after that and 1 time every 3 days for the next month and then 1 time per week and now I only do it 1 time per month just to be sure

    there is this stuff called serenade that works OK but you have to get it on every single surface of the plant and thats hard to do - the sulfur burner or evaporator evaporates it so it covers the whole area - it must be done in the dark or the lights will cause it to burn off and mess up the plants, you must have it turned off at least 3 hours before the lights turn on to it can have time to go away

    pm me if you need more help
  3. i don't think i'll be able to find that anywhere near by and i don't have much money to spend sadly. i researched something about baking soda as a foliar spray have u tried this before if so does it work?
  4. My grow shop told me that but not for spidermites, for fungus. You'll see small black fuzzy's on bottom of damaged leaves if it's spidermites and possible webs's. Looks like a nute defficancy to me? I'm not the expert by far here but maybe pottassium or cal mag prob? whats ph?
  5. Not mites. Looks like powdery mildew. You can spray with a Hydrogen Peroxide mix. Use 1 cup of 3% peroxide to one gallon water and spray your leaves. MAKE sure it is 3% and not the 35%.
  6. Isn't it true you can check powdery mildew with black light?

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