Help! Is this a hermie??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Rainbowjunky, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. So this is my first time growing and my plants are about 2 weeks into flower, i thought the were females but when i checked on them today i noticed they had grown these. They look like pollen sacs but a few of them have white hairs coming from them as well so now I'm a bit confused. Is this a female plant or a hermaphrodite?? Snapchat-574296623.jpg Snapchat-1922303392.jpg
  2. Yeah unfortunately that looks intersex to me :(

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  3. If I were you. I would not chop it. Grow it out use it as a learning experience. Plus in the end you will have some more seeds to practice with.
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  4. You cant use seeds from a hermied plant
    They will be hermied as well.
  5. I had the same thing happen, but mines exploded with seeds but recovered and stopped producing and went back to growing buds.
    my mistakes i believe where, nut fed everyday and a heater inside the tent which raised it to 30c. big no no.
  6. You can definitely use seeds from a Hermie plant. Yes there is a chance they might hermey not all of them will. how do you think feminized seeds are made? By forcing a female to produce pollen sacs which you use pollinate another female eliminating the Y chromosome. These are great for practice if you are just starting out. Just don't stress the plant and do you have a less chance of seeing that trait. But hey if you want to give the advice to these new Growers to practice on expensive genetics which could potentially cost them money, that's on you But you shouldn't give advice on things you don't not know about.
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  7. Pick them off, Some strains will do that in early flower. Keep an eye in those general areas on all parts of the plant especially lower branches that don't get as much light. They may never come back.
    Don't give up yet. Go inside your tent with the light off, and with the lights on on the outside of tent. Sit there for 10 minutes so your eyes can adjust and look for light leaks coming into the tent.
    and Never interrupt your plants dark cycle

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