help is she becomming a hermie?

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    I'm sure It was a girl initially because I saw a female preflower . Now that I'm observing more closely after the first week of 12/12 since transplant. I'm noticing what looks like raised pods. WP_20170814_12_46_00_Pro.jpg WP_20170814_12_46_00_Pro.jpg
  2. The image is blurry. It's probably a little to early to tell. Can you get a better image?
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  3. WP_20170814_12_46_03_Pro.jpg WP_20170814_12_46_03_Pro.jpg
  4. Looks ok to me. Give it another week or so. If it were me I wouldn't be concerned at this stage.
  5. The 1st sentense of your original post concerns me but I can't help there......

    You're plant however is a female. I see calyx and pistil, no signs of a hermie.
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  6. The pics are not loading for me so can't be sure; but a couple days ago when I had similar confusion with my first autos, it turned out to be new growth, so i wild day kelp an eye on the node you observed it, it might have bloomed new growth sooner than expected

    Check out my first grow log:

    First ever grow: How do the girls look?
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  7. Lol typo. But I hope so I have clones in the same space and wouldn't want them to get polinated early. Will update in a few days
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  8. you switched to flower stage already ? the stem looks small to support flowering

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