help intake top outtake bottom idea closet hitting 95-110

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  1. i have a closet that hits 95f i had outtake on top and 3 intakes on bottom still hit 95 then switched it to 2 intakes on bottom and 1 outtake in the middle and one on top but its still 95 i have 2 strong 1 foot fans blowing air down to keep the lights as cold as possible but i think its stopping the air to rise to the outtake so i changed it to face up to blow the air to the top then the closet hit almost 110 was wondering if i could use the top as intake to pull cold air in to the fans blowing down and have my bottom ones as outtakes to pull the air out as its getting pushed down i know heat rises and what not but if im having a huge amount of cold air coming down i think the heat will just stay around the lights if i don't outtake it threw the bottom any suggestions ?
  2. Put a pic inline
  3. You really don't want to pull the heat over your plants.If anything I think you should keep the exhaust on top, and get a more powerful exhaust fan. :smoke:
  4. The heat will still naturally rise up, you should always keep your exhaust on top. Its near impossible to fight.

    Try pulling one exhaust from your light and one from the top of the room, that may help slightly. But you may need a stronger exhaust fan.

    What size exhaust fans are you running currently? (not the household fans) Are all the vents flowing well? Any long duct runs for exhaust/intake?

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