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  1. Hey I'm in the flowering stage and plants are 11 and 12 inches due to very limited space. Any ways there in flowering stage week 1 amlost week 2 and I don't know if there male or female. Yes I no there suppose to be female but my friends are saying there's are males. I have pics first ones my California orange plant and the other is my northern lights





  2. Still too early to tell. Wait a few more days and you'll get a more definite answer.
  3. females will shoot out a spike then the pistils will form outta that males will grow small balls that will get bigger and bigger
  4. that spike exists on all plants, the female will grow a calyx and pistils will grow out of that, in pic 2 it looks like you have a start of a calyx, still is a bit early but I am rooting for gals.
  5. look for small white pistils coming from the nodes. you may have a few more days before you can tell for sure
  6. i think its a male i bet its a male.
  7. Why you say that?
  8. im no expert but from experience from another plant i had pic 2 to me looks like it may be getting balls to early to tell give them a few more days. you will find that the plants new growth will show before the rest of the plant well that was the case for me. so check between the new growth. trust me u will know its a female when you see the hairs.
  9. Yeah it does look like it
  10. Well they better be females. I got them from a dispencery and there clones so hopfully there females.
  11. ive heard stories of female clones turning male under stressful situations, but i dont know if thats a fact or a story. Either way your plant isnt showing its sex entirely yet like a few people have already said. It will get more obvious and you really dont have to worry too much until then. Wait it out and cross your fingers, and again like others said look for the pistols(2 little white hair lookin things)
  12. just wait but I do think its a male. give time to tell
  13. Here's a update


    This ones my northern lights not showing any sex yet. It got dropped and I had to cut it off where it was 3 inches tall. Now its 14 inches and its because on of the side branches took over the growing.


    This is a California orange. Its showing something. Here's a closer look




  14. did you end up checking the new growth for pistilles or balls?
  15. No I didn't and there in night cycle atm. But I did take advantage of black Friday and get 4 CFL 23 watts 1600 LUMIEN 5000K NATURAL DAYLIGHT BULBS FOR 6 BUCKS. I have two of them in the box so it should stop stretching and start budding. Appaerently I had a 20 watt with 2700k don't know the LUMIEN. So hopefully thats a way better lighting.
  16. IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!

    This is my California Orange. I'm so excited.
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    you may still wanna add a feww more than 4 or 5 cfl, althought ive seen some sweet shit with verry few, the more the merrier with those lil guys.
  18. Congratulations mate :)
  19. Now waiting to see about the one that got dropped. It's not showing any signs of sex so alittle worried but then again I finally got the heat regular instead of two hours of 100 degrees cuz I couldn't get to it till 2 hours after. Oh well guess we will see. Can't wait till the smell good lol

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