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Help in Coloraod

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TyCo420, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Hello. Could someone help me find the cheapest doctor in Colorado that will issue my a card? Thanks
  2. What part of the state ?
    Colorado is pretty big.

    The standard rate is between 150 and 200, then you have to pay the state another 90.

    I know of a dispensary in Denver that will do it for 90 if you have your history from your regular doctor.

    The cheapest way is to have your regular doctor do it. But most will not fearing DEA reprisal.
  3. Contact your local dispensary or visit your regular doctor first.

  4. most dispensaries in my exerience will know of a doctor, so that is always a good start.

    or check on craigslist, and a westword, there are tons of places that will do it now a days.

    remember you get what you pay for! :wave:
  5. Google Cannamed. They will hook you up with one, but like the guy above me said, you get what you pay for. They charge $200 including the state's fee.
  6. If this person was really serious you would think he'd take the time to least spell the name of the state right.
  7. That was fairly helpful ?

    Why do people feel like they have to be the spelling/typo police, then make personal judgments based on said typo ?

    If you were really serious about helping, maybe you would have contributed something useful...
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    I got my recommendation today. They have a discount if you make $1200 a month or less. Working part time I qualified, so it was $120 for the nurse to check me out and talk about my health history, the doctor to have a short talk with me about my condition and write the recommendation, and the paperwork to be filled out, and notarized. Fairly quick service, I was in and out in 35 minutes probably. It is north west of downtown right near I-25. Search the Hemp and Cannabis Foundation in Google, then on the left select Colorado.
  9. ^ dude.. this thread was from september of last year bro haha

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