Help in 6weeks of flower with spots

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mr.Bodega666, May 1, 2016.

  1. 6 weeks in flower OG kush with FFOF and FoxFarm nutes.. These spots just started? Any idea why? What you guys and gals think I should do? Harvest, keep, or what.. How much longer does it look like it has left....

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  2. That looks like mite damage bro, at least in the 3rd pic. Just my opinion, I'm not a super experienced grower.
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  3. I don't thinks so bro, it only happens after I feed.. I'm thinking nutrition problem.. Just not sure what kind or if it's anything to worry about getting to the buds.. And how much longer I might have..
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  4. It does look like mites, take a leaf and look on the bottom side with a 60x or stronger loop to see for sure. What happens is the mites suck the juice from the plant and that slows the plant down so it can't use the nutes so it looks like a nute problem. russet mites are real real small and don't leave a web like spider mites.
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  5. Those little tiny spots that cover some of your lower fan leaves?
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  6. I going with mites for the moment as well. That first picture that a hair or web. Also can you tell us how much you are feeding?

    This an out side grow?
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  7. I'll post more pics in just a few seconds got to load them.. Then you guys tell me.. I'm still not wanting to buy it even after magnifying
  8. Tell me what y'all think

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  9. Could you take a close up pic like that of some of your lower fan leaves that have those spots, further away from your bud sites? Bottom of the leaf would be a bonus as well. I still think it's mites....maybe coupled with nute problems idk. I've never seen anything cause those tiny spots except mites.

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