HELP!!! I'm NEW at GROWING!!!!!!!!

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  1. SO, I'm into week three. Started with MiracleGrow after germ. Now I see that MG is "bad" soil due to acidity levels of the soil. Recently, I transplanted into their final home and I'm using FOX FARM Ocean and the FOX FARM nutes that I picked up at my local Hydro store. Look at the pictures...Do I have fert burn in from MG? The HPS Lamp is about two feet about the plantS (I dont think the light is burning them). Also, the leaves look as if they are different colors and are folding under themselves and feel a little dry. Any Suggestions?



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  2. your plants look healthy
  3. Thanks, man...I was wondering due to the feel of the leaves. A little dry and they are curling just a bit. Maybe I'm paranoid bc this is my first grow and I want to do everything right. I will post pics throughout the grow...


  4. they look like they want water. could this be so??? Nutrient burn looks like ashy type discoloration. like the end of a smoked Joint... They might have a pH imbalance or a nutrient lockout but I dont believe this is the case with a recent transplant... MG is a great product it is just not good for edibles or smokable's at that
  5. Thanks, PhishHead...I read on GC that you should let the soil dry out until the next watering. Maybe, I'm being a little aggressive but I don't want to over-water. Should I water everyday (plus I'm on 18/6 cycle)? I do the finger test in the soil...


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