help!i'm getting a new comp.wht do i need?

Discussion in 'General' started by daiseyduked, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. i know it's off topic but i'm smokin some maryjane as i write this. i'm getting a new computer and i don't have a clue as to what i really need.

    k don't laugh lol right now, i have a comp that has 15MB of RAM ~ yeah lol.i just want to download movies and music and be able to cruiz around the net without a hold up. sky's the limit. i'm on this baby sooo much i figured i might as well get a good comp. any help and info would be greatly appreciated!
  2. get the new p4, 3.06gb cpu, get 3 gb of ram, newest nvidia geforce 4 video card, lots of harddrive space, and lots of cooling so you can overclock everything.
  3. i'm just gunna write this all down cuz i have no clue what u just said. lol. thnx!!

    is there like one name for this package or is that it?
  4. Here's a link to an excellent deal from Dell.

    I've got 6 of their servers and 20 of their workstations that I maintain at work. Have nothing but good things to say about them. They offer lots of bang for your buck, I'd reccomend you dump some money into RAM....

    Edit:: I just realized that money isn't too much of an object, so get yourself a pimped out Precision Workstation 650 from
    Dell. I use this as my personal workstation at home, and an Ispiron 8500 as my mobile. The 650 kicks some major ass!!
  5. Consumers Report magazine is a good place to learn the basics, i just read their new magazine last night, it was about laptops, might want to check it out.

  6. a pimped out precision workstation 650 from dell.

    sounds whorish lol. okay thnx i'll check it out!
  7. lol, buy me that and I'll give you a computer that will definitely do everything that you want it for.
  8. downloading music, movies, no hold up cruisin...

    you have cable or dsl hookup?
  9. i think dsl lol

    dell is sounding like the way to go!
  10. it'd be cheaper building your own rig. you could recycle a few things from you current setup, like harddisk (if in the 30gb+ range), floppy drive, cd-rom/burner, etc. not to mention the cabinet and psu.

    a decent motherboard, ram, grafix-board and cpu will only set you back some 700$-900$

    if you intend to do some serious gaming, you'll have to shell out in the 1100$-2000$ range though.
  11. i don't think i can do that lol. i have 15mb range lol. i'm givin this succa to my mother-in-law. this baby was already recycled! my uncle put it together for me. i want a brand new spankin comp to boot. no more pissin around with this crap.
  12. Accually I believe it all depends on what you are doing on the comp.. say you are running high graphic resolution games or writing scripts where each command is tested...

    If that is the case then I would goto computers there are cheap as all hell and damn nice(bought 2 of them myself)

    If you are just using it for searching the net and basic things on the computer get something like the dell..

    Note: If you do goto Ubid make sure that the comp comes with a O/S(operating system)preferably WindowsXP Home/Proffesional and also alot of computers of Ubid do not come with a moniter

  13. Agree to that one!! COMPAQ CAN LICK MY NUTS!!! I've never been impressed with the stability of ANY of their systems. And I've worked on alot back in my consulting days.
  14. alrighty then, dell it is!
  15. i have a compaq ipaq pocket pc. it's wonderfull. great. fantastic.

    i did however need to be parted from it for a month or so last summer, the screen failed and needed to send it in for repairs on the warranty. whilst they had it in for repair, they even upgraded the OS on it. so i have no complaints against compaq.

    i've also run a network consisting of two mirrored linux servers and 20 compaq client boxes (win2k) a couple of years back with no major hickups.

    my desktops though are self made. i'm my own complaints department, luckily, i've received no reclamations yet :)
  16. for factory made comps.... i found gateway to be the best.... had this succa for like 3 years and still no problems.... plus its small, an has some decent stuff... i mainly only use it for down loading media and doing work anyway.... works great for what i need it to its sooooooooo sexy...;)

  17. I hear ya! Of all the hundreds of hours I've spent on the phone in the past years, I'd say over 90% were due to a Compaq system. Plain and simple they fail very prematurely. And the worst part is that since they have about the shittest tech support of any company (might be tied with Gateway IMHO), there isn't much the average consumer could do to fix the POS.

    Maybe we're just over stressed Obliviot, but I unloaded a 9mm clip into a Compaq a few years back.... Felt damn good too!! :) Guess us great tech minds think alike!!

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