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Help! I'm a newb!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by infuse, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Ok so I got a quarter last night of what someone called White Lightning....its suppose to be a white widow and northern lights #5......well it doesnt look like the white lightning that i googled. It smells dont show, but its got alot of crystals, and a ridiculous amount of hairs....its super light weight......i smoked it and it felt like a hybrid........what's throwing me off is that it doesnt look like most buds that ive had. i dont understand the branches that i can only describe as a pine tree or something. anyone seen this before or can explain why it looks this way or any possible info? thanks alot! -iNfuse

  2. That shit is fucking RIDICULOUSLY DANK, nice pickup!
  3. looks pretty leafy could have been trimmed a little better but dank non the less
  4. cnat trust a dealer name.

    unless its straight from the club.

    but its some good tree my bro.
  5. Another post because it's that dank. That nug is the definition of sativa. Send me some! Lol
  6. yeah it was def. a hybrid, prolly more towards sativa......but what i dont understand is the branches off the nugs like that. like a pine tree.....every nug ive ever seen was a actual nug. this is fluffy. maybe it came straight from the source. who knows. but looking at it yesterday i almost didnt buy it because i hadnt ever seen buds that had branches like that. why does it look that way?
  7. yummy i want!
  8. #8 S0UR, Aug 4, 2011
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    I don't know man, I haven't really seen anything like that either. I guess there's just a lot of surprises in the world of Cannabis. I've been smoking for 5 years and a few weeks ago I bought brown weed that looks like shwag. Then I smoked it.
  9. dude, whatever strain this is, it's fucking dank. enjoy.
  10. Go find a hooker... purchase her for the night... and send her to your dealers house... he deserves it.
  11. this shit looks ridiculous. props man. burn one for me (im on a t-break :( )
  12. Doesn't look like you need help with anything bro, shit looks dank :D
  13. That looks like some dank sativa bro. :smoke:
  14. Marijuana branches out under stress during flowering if that's what you mean...

    Anyway, pretty dank pickup I'd be happy smoking that shit for sure.:smoke:
  15. I've had a couple pounds of chrystal, which I believe was WW x NL of some kind. Your bud looks good but a tad premature. Enjoy.
  16. Foxtailin''
  17. #17 Moseley66, Aug 4, 2011
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    frosty as fuck and brown hairs as long as Obama's dick and a abundant as fur, light weight, dark green bud, fluffy. High Quality dank for sure
    What's it smell like?
  18. #18 Moseley66, Aug 4, 2011
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    I'm guessing some really nice Jack Flash? Does it go down sweet and smooth? Sativa for sure
  19. smells really pine-y
  20. Is it sweet and smooth with a sativa high?

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