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  1. So me and my girlfriend have been dating for 5 months and she wants to have sex with me. The only problem is that she's a virgin. I only slept with experienced girls. What I'm worried about is I've heard that the first time hurts so bad! I don't want to ruin her first time. What should I do to make it as painless as possible? My only idea so far is to get her a bit high. But I don't want her to remember her first time as being all blazed out. Some advice would be really great!
  2. Go slow
    lots of foreplay
    make sure shes plenty wet before you try to penetrate her
    don't just ram it nice and gentle
    good luck and have fun
    first time isn't always first time certainly was not painful at all
    if she uses tampons at all it shouldn't be too painful for her
  3. Plenty of lube and go slow man, make sure she's comfortable with you and relaxed, that's it really
  4. Have a few drinks. Tell her to communicate with you
  5. This is the most important thing IMO. When a girl is turned on correctly, everything is smooth and pain is minimal the first time.

    It's also nice to remember that the penis is not a battering ram and the vagina is not a door.
  6. Also you may want to consider different positions. Maybe her on top as she can control the penetration more. But all the OP are giving good advice about lots of lube (but if she's horny enough, then she will be plenty wet) good luck, have fun
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    Make sure she's really turned on, use lube. Try fingering her first. Just take it easy and be gentle, don't expect a certain reaction from her. It'll probably take a few times for her to start enjoying it and to find a rhythm she feels comfortable with.

    I think it's awesome her first time is with someone who obviously cares so much!
  8. Take it slow, be gentle at first till you've gone all the way in, slowly build up a rhythm and you should be fine.

    Worked for me :)
  9. go hard and make her bleed. make her your bitch
  10. On that note. Get blackedout drunk, smoke a bag of meth, blow an oxy 80 to calm down from the meth, hit a line of coke to mellow you out.

    Then ram that shit from behind.

    Jk obviously I'm stoned and that amused me
  11. ALOT of foreplay op i can't emphasize that enough, the wetter you get her before you put it in the smoother, easier, less painful it will be. take it slow and make sure shes comfortable.

    i think its awesome that you care that much :)
  12. Hahaha that was funny a'f brother!
  13. rawdog and beat it as hard as she wants

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