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    Hi guys! :smiley-rolling-joint:
    A little background: I have been growing a bag seed since Start of May. I am growing in pro mix soil mixed with compost and a bunch of other amendments, including coffee grounds. Given it nutrients every now and then, but never any burn or deficiencies were shown until recently. Tap water is around 7 pH and the coffee grounds should be making the soil a little acidic.

    There are white spots on the leaves. I think may be from insects. There are aphids and some flies on my plants often but no crazy infestation.

    Starting from the bottom, quite a few leaves are getting brown veins, yellowing, getting brown spots and eventually die. I thought it was natural, now I'm wondering otherwise. It is only the leaves directly off the main stem though, not any side branches. Upper leaves are fine.

    Any ideas are appreciated, thanks in advance
  2. I am not an expert, but it looks like a deficiency of some sort and i would say your ph is off.
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  3. Need to get your pH down into the right range and do you let the plant dry out every time before watering it again. If you can lift the container and feel any weight, it's not time to water. The range of soil is 6.3 to 6.7 and it does make a difference in the growth of your plant. My pH tester got out of calibration and I didn't notice and the growth on my plants stalled. It was amazing how fast the latest batch of clones has grown in comparison to the others I was watering with the range out on the pH. Don't know how long your plant has been in that particular soil, but if it's been there too many weeks, it could use a repot into some fresh soil and a larger container. Soil only feeds a plant for so long and the larger the plant, the quicker it will use up the nutrients. Just read up on using nutrients in a plant before you do it and make sure you don't go too far with it because you'll scorch one in a hurry. Best of luck to you TWW
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  4. Thanks for your detailed answer TWW! I've been testing runoff with pH paper and it looks on the high side between 6 and 7. I think testing my water before would be a better idea though, using vinegar. Generally trying to do organic amendments instead of salt ferts.
  5. Well you need a electronic ph pen. No way the paper strips are going to get you in the right ph zone. If it were me, i would flush the soil with ph'd water 5.5 - 6.3 using like 3x container sizer or what is reasonable in larger pots and see if the condition improves and the plant is growing. The damaged leaves will stay damaged, fyi.

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