Help identifying pill I found...

Discussion in 'General' started by elementxero, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. Found it....some kind of codone derivitive, only info i have. It's a slightly large pill that says "M360" on it. Anyone know?
  2. Large, white pill - by hydrocodone57 on 7:28AM Mon 3/10/03

    I found a large, white pill with M360 on one side. Is this Vicodin?
    Re: Large, white pill - by hydrocodone378 on 9:15PM Mon 3/10/03

    What you have is vicodin es (hydrocodone 7.5mg and Acetaminophen 750mg). You can also log into where licensed pharmacists will answer your questions
  3. time of ingestion: now.
    method: chewing.

    edit- i AM at probably won't do shit anyways right?
  4. you should feel something.. 7.5's are not bad at all
  5. its now 5.....i puked 10 minutes ago hahaha

    Barely made it to the bathroom, had to keep it on the DL since its an office....but other than that quick expulsion of the days microwave chicken parm, it was alright....made the day interesting.

    Lesson learned: Do not chew vicodin on a stomach full of shitty chicken ;)
  6. just pop it next time dude.. break it in half and pop it.. better on an empty stomach.

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