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  1. Hello everyone. Fist time poster.
    Was wondering if anyone could try to help me identify these clones. A friend of mine gave me them and simply stated "i have no idea what they are but here ya go"
    Obviously i didnt ask questions as i liked the price...

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  2. Sorry bud looks like you've got a Mystery Strain unless your friend that you've got the clones from knows the strain. Then he could tell you. But just by looking at all we can tell you if it's Indica or Sativa. Goodluck finding or brother. Only way is to ask your friend.

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  3. Northern Lights as a guess but whose

    really too early to tell at this stage

    go batter the friend until he confess

    good luck
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  4. There's no way to tell the strain. There's thousands of strains
  5. Thought you guys might say that lol. Thanks anyways

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