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Help identify this bug pls

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by wingboy44, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. alright so I've been at all out nuclear war with some fungus gnats but I thought they were gone for a week or 2 but then I see like 2 of these fuckers on my kush today.. I just spot sprayed them a little, but I'm hesitant to spray my whole grow with pyrethrins at this point( 5 weeks into flower), so far only had to use it to spray the top of the soil to kill larvae, anyways, this looks identical to a fruit fly and not really a fungus gnat, will it harm my shit or should I let loose and hit them with the zyklom b
  2. they are a PIA but will not hurt your plant fwiw.
  3. is that top layer always wet? crumble it up after watering so the top inch or so will dry out faster and that area wont be as cozy for them

    i dont know about sprays but i think some people are using diatomaceous earth sprinkled on their soil to combat the gnats.
  4. I use shredded hardwood mulch 1" layer on top of soil and that keeps em away for me.
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  5. the pyrethrin spray applied to the top of the soil worked for me, before i could see shit tons of little white larvae crawling around but i dont see any larvae in the soil anymore and ive been letting it dry more in between feedings, it just doesnt really look like a fungus gnat to me, looks more like a fruit fly, like this Redirect Notice, but ive seen 2 of them on similar spots of the plant, not in the soil
  6. at first i figured it was a gnat but the red on its head is throwing me off
  7. ooo whered you get your soil? could of had eggs in it

    like i think ive read that. like dont get dirt from your yard. i dunno but i mean it could be possible that some bugs were banging on the soil you got and you murdered their babies

    lol. hopefully theyre all gone though
  8. Using fox farms ocean forest
  9. Lost my temper and brought out the gat, will bullet wounds stunt my growth
  10. Kill em all. Gat....that's funny.
  11. I almost always get a few gnats in FFOF of late..I spread a layer of perlite over the soil and have both Capt. Jacks and Gnatrol handy if needed..If it gets worse, Ima going to switch soils.
  12. I am starting to sour on the FFOF myself for this very reason. Bug city! BUT actually FGs are part of a "living soil" I have the recipe to really control them but it seems the infestation from their product is excessive. LMK what you switch to if you do.
  13. You would freak out if you saw all the bugs,soldier fly larvae, all kinds of shit living in my compost soil barrels...
    But they all go away when I plant with it and mulch the top real good.And sprinkle a little neem seed meal on top as well.
  14. If I could find some Nectar of the God's soil here for a DECENT PRICE..probably that to try..Here they want $25 for 1.5cuft..(I can't stand the people at the store that carries it)
    FFOF is like $13 per 1.5cuft and Happy Frog is $13 for 2cuft..Hard to beat at that price..I kept the latest bags in the garage and so far (after a week) nothing has happened..:) People at this shop are a pleasure.
  15. That's like the worst picture. How can anyone tell exactly what that is? Get a better pic.

    It looks like something called a dung fly we have here. Those do not harm plants but wander around randomly sometimes.
  16. kill it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. There's your problem lol.. FFOF almost turned me away from growing. My second and third grows were full of aphids/thrip(still not sure which one it was) and gnats. I told my local hydroponic store about it so they gave me a discount on some new soil which was cool. They told me they barely got a new pallet of the ocean forest so I asked if I could check it out before buying cause I heard so much good about it I was bent on making it work. Checked it and didn't see nothing so I bought it only to get bugs again. I dunno how I missed them so I said fuck it and went DWC lol. My next grow tho I plan on going with promix. Oh and also I got rid of the bugs I think finally but I have a decent amount of nute burn with that soil MIXED with happy frog. I'm 45 days in and fed one time with 1/3 strength nutes like 10 days ago only because I thought I had some kinda deficiency...
  18. I love promix with about 20% perlite. I've had nothing but great luck with it. My highest yield plant ever is in promix 7 gallon smart pot not dwc even though I grow both methods.

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