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  1. First time grow, first time grower.

    Been trying to identify what the issue is. Hoping someone can help me, as I think they are dying fast and wont last long.

    4 out of 6 bag seeds germinated. Started healthy, but in plastic starter try and MG potting soil from Home Depot. Looked good after 3 weeks of growing and decided to transplant into 1gal fabric pots, with organic potting soil from Home Depot and perlite mix, 65/35 ratio of soil to perlite. I was just watering with tap water at first, but started worrying about Ph balance after reading online. Got the GH up/down kit and started balancing to 6.0-6.5 range, around week 4.

    Week 4, I started noticing, what I thought was deficiencies, the first real set of leaves looked like slight nute burn and were drying up at the edges. I, also started noticing all the leaves starting to get light green, darker veins and the growth slowed.

    I did give them a couple of feedings, with the general hydroponics flora trio. But, I'm worried that it might actually be a lock out, so yesterday I flushed and took ppm/ph from runoff. Any advice would greatly appreciated.

    Nutes: General Hydroponics Flora Trio (gro, micro, bloom) only used at week 4 and week 5 (two days ago).
    Water: Was straight tap for the first 3 weeks, now tap but ph balanced to 6.0-6.5
    Medium: Kellogg Garden Organics plus and perlite mixed at 65/35
    Pots: 1 gal fabric
    Grow: indors 24x48x60 tent
    Light: Mars SP250 at 20"
    Ventilation: 6" inline fan with carbon filter
    Temp/Humidity: 75-82 F and 40-50% humidity

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  2. Forgot to add my runoff results: Test fist of runoff and also the last. Both were within 10% of each other.
    Plant 1 (left to right): ph 5.5 - 428ppm
    Plant 2: ph 5.5 - 815ppm
    Plant 3: ph 5.5 - 769ppm
    Plant 4: ph 5.5 - 730ppm

    Nutetrient water: ph 5.5 and 815ppm

    Was shocked to see the lowish ph readings, I thought I had balanced the nute mix to 6.5. This test was done 3 days after it was mixed.

    First picture is from the 26th, just two days after the feeding and right before I flushed them to test runoff.
    Last picture is from the 28th and current state of them.
  3. How often do you water them? Do you give them a chance to dry out before watering again?
  4. Yes, I wait until the pots feel light and the soil is dry, down to my first knuckle.
  5. I think you answered your own question already, your ph is way to low which is causing lockout, you need to feed with a higher ph like 7.5-8 until you have raised sufficiently, I've heard baking powder can raise soil ph quite quickly but I grow DWC so maybe wait for a soil grower to confirm best way to raise your ph
  6. My tap water runs 8.5, would that be to high to water for the next couple of times or should I get some distilled water and ph up?
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  7. Hold fire for a soil grower to confirm best way as I dont think you want to suddenly raise it to quickly, you want to do it over a period of time so not to shock the plant, are you growing auto or photo? If photo you have plenty of time to sort this out so dont panic
    I would say you would be fine with that water ph but obviously let it sit out for 24 hours to de chlorinate before using
  8. Not sure if the synthetic nutes are good for the microorganisms in organic soil.
  9. It looks like iron deficiency?
    Some potting mixes with tannins, react with the iron in the fertilizer and lock it up.
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  10. I was thinking it was multiple deficiencies. N, K and maybe calcium. Now I'm leaning towards lockout, as they have all happened at the same time.

    Should I still feed them the Flora trio, while using the tap water to correct soil pH?
  11. Ok, so 3 weeks later and the condition isn't getting better. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? Am I overthinking and it takes time to correct? Please see the latest picture.

    I have had some growth, but it still seems to be taking nutrients from the older leaves and has now progressed up to the top leaves. The little plant, middle left, seems the hardest hit, which is a shame, because the two on the left are females.

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  12. What's your PH now? Have you done a slurry test? The newest growth looks good to me though, the lower leaves affected will never get better
  13. I'm not sure what a slurry test is.

    When I watered yesterday, I tested the run off with the test drops and it looks like it's about 6.0.

    How do you do a slurry test?
  14. Just google it but still sounds like you need to continue bringing up your ph until your getting about 6.5 runoff but your on the right track, good luck!
  15. I'm wondering, if the soil I'm using, is meant for tap water. I've been using water balanced to a pH of 7.0 and it seems to be stuck at 6.0.
  16. It looks like these plants are hungry and you are starving them. Trying increasing PPM to at least 1,000. Drop PH to 6.5
  17. If you look at the picture, I have clawing, but have just gave them a very light feeding yesterday. 2.5mL of Micro, 2.5mL of Gro and 2mL of Cal-Mag in a gallon jug. Tested runoff, but it is hard to tell, with the color of the runoff and the test drops. But, matches the 6.0 color, fairly well.

    Each plant was drinking 1/4gal every three days, but this past week, I noticed them needing water after one day of not feeding, so every two days.

    My TDS meter puts my tap water at 360ppm or 0.7milliSiemens/cm. Seems kind of high and I have been wondering if part of my problem is the tap water.
  18. Yeah that tap water is high, you might want to think about getting an ro filter, are you letting it sit out for 24 hours to dechlorinate?
  19. Yes, when I use the last jug, I fill them all up again and let them sit, so about one full day with the cap off.
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  20. I think they say anything over 200ppm or 0.4 EC you shouldn't really be using tap water but it depends what's in it of course, just keep trying to raise the PH to 6.5 but I think your on the right track as new growth looks good, keep us updated :love-m3j:

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