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  1. about 6 weeks into flowering, 2-3 weeks left I think. I THink It might be a sulfur deficiency. Please and thanks for your 2 cents.!?!?!

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  2. And its just the upper leaves , fan leaves and its made its way onto the flower leaves so I know its not just the fan leaves naturally falling off.
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    its not that big of a deal , but u are low on nitrogen (N), , next shot of nutrients just make sure there is a a bit of N in the mix and u will be fine .

    lots of people these days get nutrients that have almost no N for flowering and thats not good.

    it wont kill the buds but it will makes the leaves die at quicker rate .as they r using up all the energy from the leafs since it cant get any from the soil/roots . at the minimum level 2-N.
    but at least the buds r looking nice and juicy :D
  4. nice bud shots!!! its easier to see the prob if you turn off your hps light
  5. imo. ya man TK is spot on your plant has used all the .N. in the food and is using up her stored n in the leaves. you could nd i would add a lil bit ov n next feed but if you dont all that will happen is this prob will continue. your nearly done nd ya plant look real nice hope it smokes as good as it looks .KP

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