help identify half a pill

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  1. i have half of an oval shaped pill. i can make out "SERO..." on one side and and "OC" or "OO" on the other side. can anyone help me out?

    forgot to add it is light yellow in color
  2. I can help you out, what color is it?
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    Seroquel is an Anti-Psychotic, still under patent, and each of their pills say seroquel then the mg.

    Oh and before you think of poppin this pill... it's no fun. IF you can handle the drowsiness (which I doubt it) you just feel seriously fucked in a bad way; you feel like a zombie. Then when you wake up your muscles and bones all ache and you feel extremely weak and groggy, just dragged out and generally tired all day. That's just the icing of the cake...
  4. thanks guys i just found out, its a 200 mg i believe.

    edit: its a 400, lol
  5. I edited my post, so if it's Seroquel, I do not suggest taking it (read my first post)

    However, if you feel you must, I have found it to be undeniably and vastly more effective on an empty stomach.
  6. thanks for the heads up man, took half of it before i got your advice lol... oh well, if i start feelin bad ill just pass out. anything to help out this rotator cuff :(... start physical therapy tomorrow. hopefully i will be functional enough to smoke a joint in a little?
  7. Odds are you'll pass out, sleep for a long time, and wake up feeling groggy, weak, and aching...

    So I would save that J for when you wake up, man. Toking + Seroquel = deadly combo (in terms of sleepiness) and it would do you much better in the morning.
  8. well virtuoso, i am starting to feel the effects. vision is a bit more grainy. i can almost get an idea of where this is heading. i like the feeling though. i was a little nervous after reading about it some more, but im not mad at it yet.

    little off topic: i was really looking for some pain meds for my shoulder and my mom was trying to help me all day but couldnt get any. i have some ibuprofen that helped my shoulder a bit earlier, but i know that vicodin could work good and make me have a decent time. so by the time its 11 my mom gives me this pill (seroquel), haha.

    little disapointed i didnt get to have that good feeling i was looking for but its ok because since she waited until the end of the day now i can just pass out without worrying about my shoulder stopping sleepage...

    god that was hard to type, sorry. btw, i havent stood up yet... also, keep up the good joint rolling!

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