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  1. So I just got this from my local shop and when I bought it the guy at the shop told me it was by Molecule Glass. So when I got home I started looking online for MG when I found there website they have a totally different logo. So I was just wondering if they recently changed their logo or is it made by someone else.
    Here is the MG website


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  2. No one has seen this logo before? 
  3. lolll well who cares abbout the logo if the glass they sell isnt theirs? Thats a some relabeld piece, been seeing these double matrix percs pieces pop up a lot of places with names like flo and such..
    Anyways, I bbelieve they go for about $100-120 unless you bbuy a labeled version like thiss where they prob ask for a lot more:p
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  4. anyway, you bady seems very nice, no need care much about the logo
  5. oh yeh and molecule glass is not the brand name, molecule glass is a pretty new brand that collas with sheldon black
  6. Don't worry about the logo bro the bigger question is does it preform as well as it should for the amount that you paid.
  7. and how much did you pay? it is china glasss to let you knoww.
  8. hard to tell, pictures have pretty bad resolution. 
    what are the percs? looks like a honey comb to matrix
  9. The photos sorta suck

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