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  1. Have a bad spider mite problem any ideas on how to get rid of them im usein azamax every other day but doesn't seem to be working and help 35 days from harvest .
  2. Hi.

    Perfect timing for a quick kill with Doktor Doom (red can) fogger.
    Organic Pyrethrum. Safe for u and the pets. Residual effects
    only last 14 - 21 days. Your budz will look and taste good.

    Go for it !!!

  3. My grow is in my room, so hows the fogger work? Is it always on do I have to leave doors and windows open ? What happens if I breath it in? Haa
  4. U fog the space its in. U fog
    just before lights out.
    No, u seal off the space to
    hold the fog in.

    U wont breathe it in becuz
    u wont be in the room for a
    few hours after fogging.

  5. Can I leave it on with the lights and all that switching on and off I know like house bug bombs you have to unplug all your appliances and turn you furnace off .
  6. Its safe for all that.

    What lighting schedule are the plants on ???

  7. 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  8. Fog about an hour before lights out.

    U should be happy 12 hours later lol.


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