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Help ID This Strain

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Trinistylz, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. #1 Trinistylz, Mar 2, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 2, 2009
    Idk What Strain This Is Plz Help
    It Left A Great Body High and Finished with a smooth head high

    Has Red To purple buds

    Attached Files:

  2. hahaha dude youre gonna need better pictures than that
  3. looks like shwag... idk get better pictures
  4. I'll take another pic tommorow but i'd like to knw is the strain of weed called "Purple Monkey Dishwasher" real?

    S - C - H - W - A - ggity schwag!!!
  6. Looks like a decent pile of dogshit.

    lol jk man. its just some ok mids that's all. no strain name. strain names dont matter, its too god damn overrated anyway.
  7. that is pure schwag bro...
  8. Not gonna happen..ever.
  9. schwag?? whats that? Never Heard that b4
  10. shwag is shit bud
    that honestly doesn't look that great
    get better pics
  11. HOLY FUCK, purple monkey dishwasher reminds me of the worst joke to tell to people in the best way

    alright, so this kid is at recess right and hes getting picked on by bullies, and theyre teasing him n shit right so he says to one of them.."purple monkey dishwasher", and the bully beat the living fuck out of him for it, the kid went to the principals office with a bloody nose, bruised eye, and the principal asks him you know like "what happened", and the kid said to the principal that he told the bully "purple monkey dishwasher" and the principal expelled him for it.. so he goes home confused to fuck and tells his mother what happened, he tells her he said "purple monkey dishwasher" she goes in to a flying rage and kicks him out forever and denounces him as her son.. so this kid is beat up,expelled, homeless and just trying to figure out what "purple monkey dishwasher" is, and hes just asking himself over and over what it could be and then someone picked him up to drive him somewhere safe.. and the person is asking what he possibly could have done to get beaten up so badly, expelled, and kicked out of his house in the same day, and hes telling the driver he really doesnt want to say because of all the trouble its caused in one day and he'd just like to get to where hes going.. and the driver just keeps saying things like "come on its just something you said it couldn't possibly be that bad" so the kid tells him "purple monkey dishwasher" WELL the driver got so damn angry that he kicked him out of the truck going 50mph.. the kid breaks a leg and an arm, has a bloody face, and crawls to where all the homeless people are lying down, and explains to them the story and breaks down and starts asking "what the fuck is purple monkey dishwasher i just want to know what it means, i said it once and ive been getting fucked over ever since" so the homeless guy points to a psychic across the street, and tells the kid that she knows the secret to "purple monkey dishwasher" and hes crawling across the street slowly and gets his by a truck and dies.

    its the best joke because you can say "theres 5 minutes you'll never have back again" but then again i just wasted a shit load of time typing that hahahahahahah
  12. Asshole...
  13. dude strain names don't mean shit. dealers just use it to hype up their weed and charge you more for it. a kid tried to sell me a dub of "chocolate chunk" for 30 bucks cuz he said it was dank shit. it was just really dry and i told the kid to fuck off and sell his oregano in a baggie to some other idiot.
  14. hahaha bro, im 100% serious about that joke, i heard it over 10 years ago maybe, and you just sparked the memory, but now that you know it, you can tell it to the person who told u thats purple monkey dishwasher weed
  15. just because it's compressed doesn't mean it's shit bud. i've seen compressed dank that looked gross but smoked oh so well. but hey, if it gets you high what ev. it might not be a dank high, but regardless, it's a high.
  16. i pulled some better shit out my dryer the other day

  17. Hows that a joke..that will just piss people off
  18. i got the reply on my email on my blackberry & i was so high that i reallly read the whole thing & now i still wanna know what a purple monke dishwasher is haha
  19. I'd say it looks similar to the strain 'low mids.'

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